Feel like a dork for asking, but...

  1. What is the name of that Coach bag that has the two scarfs on the sides of the bag *they are blue I think* that tie on the side? For the life of me I cannot think of the name and I cannot find a pic, but I am on a mission. I MUST have that bag. It is so stinkin cute..I cant stand it! Do I even make any sense trying to desribe it? OMG..I am SO embarrassed! :shame:
  2. You're welcome! I am glad I could help. You could try calling the 888 number to see if you can still order it but it's definitely off the site because I looked too.

    BTW, don't feel like a dork for asking ANYTHING! That's the only way you'll get an answer to your question!
  3. ^that's from the resort line from december-ish, so it wouldn't be on the website still.
  4. UGH...488 for a starting price...I was hoping to get a deal on this...anyone who sees one on eBay, please let me know! I want to bid on one..so be on the lookout for me PLEASE!!! :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  5. They were at the outlets a few months ago.

    Beware of fakes on eBay. I report them as fast as I see them. The fakes have plastic on the handles and a yellowy signature lining. The lining should be plain tan nylon type.

    The one above is real.
  6. RudeGal, call Coach Customer Service and ask them. They have a large number of items that are no longer on the website, still in stock. :yes:
  7. Couple of questions for you guys then...anyone know if they would still be in stock at the Coach outlets? If anyone sees one, I would send them Paypal to grab one for me!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Another question...if I did call customer service and was able to get one, would they charge me full price for it or would it be the Outlet price that they had them selling for? Thanks!
  8. It would be full price. The bags were in the outlets for a very, very short time. They flew off the shelves like the Resort Carly.
  9. Wasn't that an "outlet only" bag? The tag has F10500 and it doesn't come up in drilldown.

    So maybe you'd get it for whatever the factory store retailed for if you call Coach?
  10. Be VERY VERY careful with these on ebay. it is one of the most faked bags out right now.