Feel Happier - 20 Little Ways

    1. Love sleeping in on Saturdays? Make your bed even more of a haven by buying the coziest sheets. Invest in some that have at least a 250-thread count - the higher the number, the softer the feel.
    2. On Monday morning, upgrade your usual coffe to a latte.
    3. If you dig throwing dinner parties, buy a round dining room table - it will promote conversation, because everyone will be able to see each other.
    4. Postvacation, keep your high going by researching where you want to go on your next trip.
    5. Stock your bathroom with candles in relaxing scents like lavender and sandalwood, so every time you take a bath, you can easily turn it into a minispa.
    6. Sunday night is a quiet, stay-at-home kind of evening. So make it a ritual with your guy or a group of pals to cook a meal that's a little more gourmet and delicious than your usual.
    7. During the winter, get a year-round flowering plant for your pad so you'll feel springy and fresh even when it's subzero out.
    8. Magnify the sexiness of date night by turning it into a whole weekend. Plan romantic dinners, a fun movie to see and some fun daytime activities. Then tell him to pack a bag on Friday and head to your place until Sunday.
    9. Put together an energizing and inspiring playlist just for your commute to work . . . and a more calm and relaxing one for your trip home.
    10. Create a reading area to make settling in with a load of magazines or a good book even more enjoyable. Pick a cozy, nicely lit corner of your couch, and add a soft blanket and a small table for you to rest a drink on.
    11. Never go on a date without wearing sassy undies and a matching bra, even if he won't see them.
    12. Having cute and flattering gym clothes to slip into means you'll actually look forward to sweating.
    13. Ask your favorite shops if they have mailing lists you can be added to. Once you've signed up, they'll send you discounts and special offers.
    14. There's nothing like a glass of wine at the end of a long day. Splurge on a couple of snazzy, high end glasses, like ones by Riedel, that are designed to optimize the aroma and flavor of your vino. They honestly make all the difference.
    15. Make Saturday afternoons even brighter by scheduling phone sessions with long-distance pals.
    16. Celebrate the fact that you've made it to midweek by treating yourself to a small dessert at lunch - like a cupcake or a chocolate-chip cookie.
    17. You likely spend loads of time in your living room, so make it inviting by using a warm colors. Try an eggplant throw pillows or a golden amber rug.
    18. If you have huge plans for Friday night, think ahead and take the day off work. YOu can devote those hours to primping, so you'll feel extrahot when you meet up with friends later.
    19. Right before you fall asleep, send your guy a loving text message. He'll get it the next morning, and you'll get a sweet response to start off your a.m. routine.
    20. Mmm . . . spaghetti. Up the yum factor by adding big, juicy black olives and shaved Romano or Parmesean cheese to your noodles and basic marinara sauce.

  1. Thank you for posting them, theres so really cute ideas on there :smile:
  2. Cute ideas! I live by some of them!