Feel bad to do this to the SA

  1. I really don't have one SA I buy my LV from. I have one from Chanel who I use for everything in NM and when I need LV she refers me to her friend in LV. I have bought quite a few bags off this SA in the past and this past weekend I recieved another phone call from someone else at the LV regarding the hearts. I already got a phone call regarding the gold heart (which I tracked down myself) from the SA I already deal with. I told her I had gotten the heart already (because my NM is unreliable) and that if she came across the silver to give me a call along with a long list of other bags. She wasn't too happy and sort of hung up on me.
    Long story short-this weekend someone else from the LV calls me about the silver heart and said they charged me for it already etc etc etc. GREAT!! But the problem was I already got it. I told them to remove it from my card because I already purchased it and I was sure there was a list of people waiting. The sa was all snotty with me after this. Now it comes down to the matter of the limelight gm in black. I found one in another NM and when I called to see if the SA I had spoken with over the weekend could allocate it for me so I could get it through him another SA who answered the phone said it was not possible because their NM may not get it and that I should just buy it and not wait.
    I jumped on it and got it from my SA at Saks and got it shipped and they didn't charge me tax. I feel bad now about this SA over the clutch. Do I tell him what I was told and why I didn't wait? Usually I am good and can wait. But the other SA was pretty serious when she told me to just buy it. I am #1 on the waitlist-you think she did that to get me off the list?
  2. Sorry, but I can kind of understand the SA frustration with you. I understand from your post that you have 5 different SA working for you and you are also tracking down the same items yourself?? These SA are spinning their wheels for you when they could be helping someone else. Maybe you could develop a relationship with 1 SA that you trust will do their utmost to get you the items you want and also continue to hunt for items yourself. Good luck.
  3. I did have an SA from LV in NM who did everything for me for all things lv. After I told I her I got the gold heart (because they called to tell me there was no shot of me getting it from them) she snapped on me and passed me off.
    Then this new guy starts calling telling me he charged my card already-and I don't even know this sa from a hole in the wall. I felt bad so I was going to get the Limelight clutch from him-and than I found it in another NM and I asked if they could allocate it for me and the SA tells me just get it because they are not getting it. My NM LV is insane. Its like they don't want my business anymore. I got my bag in Saks because they don't run me around the way NM has been lately. My friend in Chanel gives me no problems what so ever and I wish she could sell me LV.
    I don't have five sa's. I have one in chanel and had one in lv, but the one in lv apparently doesn't want me anymore so she passed me off. I am trying to buy from them and be a good customer but how can I when they give me an attitude and tell me to go elsewhere. Now I got the clutch from someone else and I am wondering if I should tell the new SA what the other SA told me so she could cross me off the list.
  4. Hi, I think you should definitely tell the SA now to cross you off the list so someone else can get the bag!
    As to the other SA issues, I think it's hard to find a good SA, once you find one stick with them!!! Also, I have found that once you find one you like and they are nice, once you drop a few dollars with them they become pretty loyal and will track things down for you!!! Why can't you use the same SA for Chanel & LV??? I do! At Saks too! I finally found a SA I love so she's my girl no matter what!
    Good luck!
  5. The SA i bought a ton of bags from dropped me so fast over the gold heart issue. I bought from her in the past two months a salina, mc speedy, neverfull, various charms, wallets, carryall, new keepall, in addition to what my mother and sister bought from her. She just dropped me-meanwhile I would have waited if they didn't tell me there was no shot of me getting the gold heart. I feel like they are fickled.
  6. I think you're thinking too much, if you've had a good history and relationship with the SA then they should understand that you had a chance to get it faster somewhere else. If they don't, then switch SA's - they should deserve your business and not demand it!
  7. I understand your problem better now. I guess I would just shop around to see which SA steps up to the plate to earn your valuable business. It might take some time but be worth it in the long run so you're not chasing down items that they should be doing for you.
  8. I wonder why in NM my sa in chanel can't sell me lv?
    It just irks me that they tell me to go elsewhere and than this poor SA is going to call me and I am debating on telling him what is going on over there. He is friends with my Chanel sa who I have a relationship with outside of the store.
    Its irritating. I used to find trust in my SA that they will get me what I need, however this "piss off" attitude is getting to me. I was a good customer, that they passed around.
  9. if you like the SA from Chanel, i don't see why not use her for LV too? My Saks Chanel SA is my favorite, even when i shop in LV, LV SA always put my Chanel SA's name b/c she works off commission, and LV SAs don't.
  10. I think there is nothing you did that was wrong. If the SA can not get you what you want and in the time frame you wanted, you should just go with somebody else.
    And besides tax on the bags are a lot, so it is always good to save!

    I am just glad you got everything you wanted~!!
  11. Don't worry too much about it. The SA I call on the phone to place me on the waitlist is not the same SA I buy from. It's complicated, don't worry yourself over it. I used to only deal with SA#1, but I keep calling during my work hours and get SA#2 that I've only talked to but haven't seen. She's not very accomodating. Some other SA#3 with more seniority at my store sold me LE stuff (that had long waitlists of which I would not have been anywhere near the top) that SA#2 wouldn't. SA#1 is the person I see face to face all the time who normally puts my name down on waitlists but is never there when I buy it. So in the end, I don't know who gets the sale. LOL!
  12. I think I am going to be my own SA. I found a wonderful SA from the portland store through the 866 # who has helped me a few times. I am going to use her as my back up.