feel bad returning stuff?

  1. Do you ever feel bad returning your bags since you know the SA well? I do all the time....

    I am pretty sure they get commission for selling the bags, if the bags are returned, do they lose the commission they made?

    And just curious how many bags have you returned? Do any of the dep. store put limits on how many you can return?
  2. I don't return things unless there is a defect with the product.

    Yes, I do believe SAs lose the commission if the product is returned.

    I've never returned a bag. I'm curious as to why you return bags "all the time"???
  3. oh.. i dont return bags all the time, i just feel bad all the time returning anything.. :p
  4. Yes and no, ... I have returned bags that I have bought unseen and that ended up not being right for me. I think that's just normal, now I still don't like to return because it's a hassle and honestly this has mostly happened with SA that didn't know me as well ...
  5. I only return if there is a defect.

    I always make sure I want what Im buying. Not only is it a hassle, I think that returning constantly is just kind of tacky. I just make sure that I want what Im buying and unless there is a defect, returning is avoided.
  6. Yeah, I pretty much prance all over the store with my impending purchase, so I know how it will feel and look before I buy it. And, unless, as stated above, there is some defect on stitching or hardware or lining that doesn't happen until I get it home, I wouldn't return it. I really look my handbags over with a magnifying glass..., and in that event, I would feel pretty bad for the sales assistant, if she couldn't find me a replacement.
  7. I don't feel too bad for the SA - it's part of their job to accept returns.

    I do feel bad if the bag I returned went on sale then someone snatched it up, almost immediately. Prolly like today. I returned the Chloe Ava East West satchel at Saks SF, and they're having their Final Sale today. I know for sure that bag will have additional markdowns.
  8. The world of SA's and commissions is quite evil. I used to work at Nordstroms and there was a SA there that would punch in other SA's codes during the return so that she would not lose her "credits" on sales made that month. Good thing we all caught on and got her fired.

    You shouldn't feel bad if you truly despise your purchase or if there are defects. However, if you are compulsive and always buy but then return, then you are just being a pain in the butt. Those are the types that irritate people in Sales because not only did you waste the SA's time, you also wasted your own. Times like these cause me personally to not really care for the commission. It's all a big tease when dealing with customers like that.
  9. I hate returning bags... and when I've returned something it's been because it was just not right for me. I sometimes just resell it to avoid having to return it LOL
  10. Sorry...I think I went off on a little vent with my previous post,however I was speaking personally due to having too many finicky gfs who always buy and then want approval and persuasion on their purchase. I guess THEY irritate me more than while being a Sales Associate at Nordstroms. :roflmfao:
  11. I've only bought about 5 items DIRECTLY from designer boutiques and I've never returned anything. I love everything I buy and make absolute sure that I want something before I shell out the money to buy it. I personally am too "ashamed" to return anything because I do feel bad that the SA loses their commission and it makes me feel odd returning something so expensive at such a high-end place filled with rich people.
  12. I've never returned a bag probably b/c I wait months to purchase one after I decide I want it but I often return clothes in store that i bought online because they don't fit and then I do feel bad for the SA.
  13. Missisa07... you are a SA's dream! You are way too kind. Don't feel inferior in a high-end store. Rich, average, or poor...we are all people who deserve some lovin' from our favorite brands.
  14. I would probably feel bad if I returned bags alll the time, but when you think about, you'll feel worst if you keep it, but not want it!
  15. I feel exactly the same way! At those boutiques their stricter return policies (usually w/in 7 days, sometimes store credit only) force me to be really sure about something before taking the plunge.

    While I appreciate more generous return policies like Nordstrom's, they definitely get abused by some customers. I saw a Chloe bag on the sale table that had clearly been carried for a few months AND had a huge stain on the lining. Why they took it back and then put it back out for sale baffles me.