Feel bad for SA who kept on going to the computer to check the price

  1. Hi everyone, just wondering if u guys face this problem everytime.

    I was at one of the outlets in S'pore a few days ago. SA was polite and helpful. However, whenever I asked for the price of a bag, she kept on returning back to the computer to check on the price.

    I felt bad that I made her go back and forth a couple of times. On my way out, i saw her scribbled down the prices of the bags onto her catalogue. LOL.....Poor SA....:sweatdrop:
  2. Maybe she's new ? I know the new SA at the LV I'm closest to has to do this quite a bit !
  3. Who knows ..maybe you helped her learn her product better :smile:
    I found some s/a who didn't even know the names of the bags.
    your outlets carry Louis Vuitton?
  4. Yeah she might most prob be new as my SA can remember the approx prices off the top of his head. :jammin:
  5. the worse is they quoting the wrong price. it happened to me when i asked the price of tivoli pm when it was newly launch at s'pore ngee ann boutique. the price given was so close to speedy40 price, i should have bought it on the spot :lol:
  6. It maybe because of the price increase, my SA knows the bags, etc. bt the new prices are driving them crazy
  7. dont they have a tag in the pocket or inside the bag that has the price? i noticed that the boutique i go to has the prices taped on the dustbag and they have a little card thats in the pocket that has the price too...
  8. I believe the term "outlet" is used more commonly than "boutique" or "store" in Singapore.
  9. Maybe they were new...the bags here have the price on a sticker on the dustbag:yes:
  10. its their job and good EXERCISE for them tooo..:tup:
  11. my SA does this, but i think more so that she doesn't quote me the wrong price. plus with all the price adjusting going on in the year, its hard to remember the prices of 100 bags.