Feeding your CL addiction

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  1. I think I have found a webite that might come close to satisfy my , what seems to be, insatiable appetite for all things Christian Louboutin. Check it out. There is so much CL you might enter into CL heaven Coma:yahoo:!! This make me sooo happy :sweatdrop:

  2. I love that site ... and someone needs to tell Kristin Cavallari that she needs a bigger size. Please someone take those sandals away from her.
  3. That's a great site, I go there often to check out what shoes celebs are wearing. You're right legaldiva Kristin needs to give those shoes away, because they don't fit! LOL

  4. Um..yeah- what is going on there lol?!

    I love Shoebunny- awesome site!:heart:
  5. i love shoebunny...it is always filled with great shoes on celebs
  6. I love Shoebunny!
  7. I know that makes me kinda:sick: I mean really, how can you not know your feet look like poop in those sandlas?
  8. ohmy..serously..kristin should stop wearing those cage zeppas~!!
  9. Thanks for sharing, I never knew this site exisisted!
  10. Lol, that is gross. I agree, she needs bigger shoes.:yucky:
  11. This forum is enough to feed my CL addiction!
  12. ^^^ ITA...and I'm not sure my bank account thinks my addiction needs anymore feeding. lol
  13. You've got me:roflmfao: You and me both! I was supposed to be on a one shoe per season deal, but feeding this addiction is like feeding a bottomless pit.
  14. Thanks for the site!

    OUCH! She must be in pain and faking a smile.