Feeding the addiction

  1. This is my question: Since my first bbag purchase, I have bought 3 more in one month. All of you seem to be equally addicted. Does it ever slow down cause I can't continue like this. I am thinking that once you have bought the colors of the season that you have to have, then you are at least done craving another until the new colors come out - is that right? (but then there's ebay with all the old colors!!) I would like to hear how all you started your addiction and how often and how quickly you are buying these bags!!!
  2. honestly, i think the only way i'll stop being addicted is if i stay away from the purse forum.....but i think i am more addicted to the PF than the bags!
  3. I have spent around $20K (estimating here) in the past 3-4 months on Chloe Paddingtons and BBags. Before my twin addiction, I had less than half a dozen of mainly Coach very small hobos and clutches, each costing typically less than $120. While my husband can well afford what I am doing, this is not something I am used to, having been brought up to value thrift in a family of very modest means. I feel awful whenever I think how obsessed I have become :sad:. I just hope I can stop if money should ever become an issue.

  4. i totally agree! :lol:
  5. I think I spent close to $30,000 this year just on Chloe bags and that was by July! (I make good money at my job to cover it)Then I got tired of them, most never used and sold them all. Made all my money back and then some. Then I found Balenciaga at Neimans in Scottsdale in august and bought my first one, a Bordeaux Purse. Then I returned it when I found out it was veiny, thanks to the info on here. Since then I bought an Ink First (sold it shortly after), Ink Purse, Magenta Purse, Black City, Rouge Makeup, Cornflower Makeup, Pink Coin, Black Money Wallet, Pink City and 2 Magenta Shoulders (1 with brass hardware and 1 with Magenta hardware). ~phew~. All I want now is a brown City and an Ink Shopper and I think I'm done. Will probably sell one of the shoulders and one makeup before long. We'll see. I refuse to go overboard like I did with Chloe.