Feeding Schedule

  1. I'm a new pet owner (my first dog ever). Six months ago we adopted an adorable miniature shar-pei named "Kirby". Me and my husband have a 8-5 job and we are not home most of the time so we decided to feed Kirby twice a day, once in the morning when we are getting ready to go to work (around 6:00 am) and once at night (around 6:00 pm). Kirby has responded very good to that schedule but our problem now are the weekends. Kirby is hungry at 6:00 am and it is really hard for us to get up so early (I go to school on Saturdays and my husband works on Saturdays, so Sunday it is our only day to rest. What to do?:sad:
  2. During the week I feed my dogs once in the morning(6:30a.m.) when I get my children up for school, then I feed them again in the afternoon at about 5:00pm, they are realy set to this time, but on fridays, in the afternoon I feed them a small meal at 5:00 and then again at about 8:30pm(small meal) so they don't wake up so early on saturday morning begging for food, they usually sleep an extra hour or so, and then I do it again for Saturday feedings so they sleep late on Sunday mornings, then we go back to the weekly time feedings. I don't know....It just works for me. Good Luck
  3. Don't they have feeders that work off of preset timers? I would check in to that!

    Good luck :smile:
  4. My dogs are 2x times per day and sometimes I actually have one of them salivating in my face on the weekend. Tough luck puppy. You are waiting. And wait they do. lol. They usually fall back asleep but you have to be tough. No giving in on the pawing or licking. Good luck!!!
  5. I have a new puppy too and I want her on the same feeding schedule 7 days a week. I want to sleep in a bit too on weekends, but like babies, they have to eat. I set my alarm and drag myself out of bed to feed and walk her.

    You'll get used to it.
  6. Oh, what we do for our fur babies~~~. I feed my cats twice a day, but dogs only once a day in the evening. They get treats in the AM and during the day when I am home. I think keeping a regular schedule is great, especially for puppies during housebreaking training. Most dogs go have a BM after meal, so those dogs that stay in the house will take that into account? That is another reason I don't feed in the AM because I work 10+ hrs and don't want to come home with poo in my house.
    My cats will start waking me up when I sleep in, but I apologize and go back to bed...:p
  7. Because of my schedule (early morning classes to late in the evening), I feed my babies their formal meal at around 10am then again around 5-7pm (breaks between classes). These two meals are their homemade food combined with vitamins and Artemis kibble. But I leave a bowl of kibble out for them all day, in case I do not make it back on schedule; they eat very little of it, it's just there as back-up nibbling material. If your hours are uncertain, or you feel like there may be times when you can't make it back when you need to feed them, leave a bowl of food out. My eldest has never cared much about it because she's used to it being there, but my youngest learned eventually not to eat it except when she gets really hungry. Some people don't like that idea, but it has worked just fine with my babies!
  8. I feed my dog twice a day in the morning and evening, usually. If I get up early I feed her earlier. Sometimes she will wake me up to eat and I'll just put the food down and get back in bed. Other times she won't care if she doesn't eat early. I just make sure she eats the same amount of food per day by putting it in a measuring cup in the morning. Sometimes I'll actually split it into three meals for the day if she starts to act hungry early.

    I don't think it really is that big a deal to be honest. If she really wants to eat she'll let me know.
  9. I only feed my dog once in the evening as well (she's a much older dog) but she also gets healthy snacks in the morning and a couple of times during the day. Is your dog a puppy? If so, his nutritional requirements will definitely be more. They are hungry when they are hungry. Look into timed release feeders for him for dry food in the morning at least.
  10. Thanks for all responses Ladies...
  11. When I get up in the morning I feed him his dry food and then in the late afternoon or early evening I give him the rest of his food which consists of canned food like pedigree or ceasars! The schedule works well for him!