Feeding my Chanel Sunnies Addiction....

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  1. I've been obsessing about these since I saw them in recent issues of Vogue and Instyle. :wlae:
    They just came in to our boutique yesterday. They're a boutique exclusive and seasonal.
    My family is teasing me since it's a rainy day here and I can't wear them! boo hoo! I guess I'll just go do my nails with blue azur instead to match! lol!


  2. those are SOOOOO adorable!!! do they come in any other lens shapes?
  3. Huh, you don't wear sunnies on cloudy days? There is still uv rays raining down. I wear sunnies year around sun or clouds. Then again, anyone with blue or green eyes are more sensitive than those with brown. (Sunnies, you don' squint thus stalling the onset of wrinkles at the corners of the eyes.)
  4. I did ask that, but they said that this is the only color and shape.

    Ya, I do too, but it's pouring rain and I'm not really grooving on going anywhere today. I'm blue-eyed too. 47 and no wrinkles either! lol!
  5. Love those sunnies.
  6. Gorgeous sunnies and I love the cute quilted case. Congratulations!
  7. This is the ad that made my heart skip a beat. Thought they were black, nearly died when I saw them IRL and they were BLUE......

  8. Nice & cute sunnies, congrats!!
  9. I just tried them on in Saks last night, and I think the pair I tried on were black. Either way, they are gorgeous! :tup:
  10. Really? Cool! Canada often doesn't get a great selection since our market base is smaller. I think though that since I already have a black pair of Chanel sunnies, I would have chosen the blue pair anyway.
  11. I bet the blue is really stunning in person, because of the starry look of them! :yes:
  12. Wow, those are fabulous!
  13. oohh, those are nice, may i ask how much and what's the item number. thanks
  14. Very cute, and I love the case almost more than the glasses.
  15. Here are the specs:
    08P A38418X01081
    S 0387 Blue
    $675.00 CDN