Feeding Great Habit

  1. Before I found this site, I was beginning to feel a little bit insane about dooney and bourke.:drool: The girls at work "turned me on" to DB about 3 years ago and since that time, I have acquired approx. 20 different items. Some I have bought for myself, some for my mother and grandmother, and I even convinced my boyfriend of the greatness of DB to the point where I can COUNT ON receiving a DB item (clothing, accessory, handbag) from him for special holidays. :graucho:
    All I have to say to the girls at work is, "Guess what I did over the weekend..." and instinctively, they know I had a dooney adventure.:wlae: Precisely 3 days ago, I cumpulsively bought a retired IT bag and had begun to have feelings of guilt about the purchase. :crybaby:Since the bag has not yet arrived by mail and I just found this terrific forum tonight, I am certain it is dooney and bourke divine intervention. The point of my thread is just to say THANKS to all of you posting for making me feel that its okay to treat oneself with something because (most of us, I'm sure) work hard for the money. :heart:
  2. girlfriend please, i always feel guilty for buying a bag... for like 2 SECONDS ;) hehe

    you MUST treat yourself once in a while. if not, what else are you working for!?

    post pix when you get the bag!!!