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  1. So how long before people give you feedback. I sold a few items last week that the buyers received and I have yet to hear anything from them. I even wrote them a nice e-mail to make sure they were happy but still no feedback. How long is normal?
  2. In my experience, some folks do it right away after receiving the item, some times they post a bit after (3-4 days). Some people NEVER post, which I find irritating. Especially recently, I sold a pair of CL boots that went for a really low price, and I saw them on Bluefly for 5x what the buyer paid for them. Wanted to email her to congratulate her on the great deal she got, but thought it might go off snippy so I ignored it :hrmm:. It is best IMO to not prompt for feedback and just see what happens.
  3. ^^ agree with her
  4. Well I looked into it and one of the people NEVER leaves feedback. UGH! I am new to ebay so every little bit helps and selling items and getting no feedback is not helping. UGH!
  5. Sometimes I think buyers like to wait a few days or maybe even a week to be sure that the item is all that it was advertised to be before leaving FB.

    When I was selling alot, I would sometimes wait until the end of the week and do maybe 20-30 at a time.

    On a final note, I once had a seller (newish) email me the day after I received my purchase from her and in no uncertain terms DEMANDED that I leave her immediate FB as she was trying to establish herself. I've only run into that situation once, thankfully, but thought it was totally rude and inappropriate!
  6. I ignore demands to leave feedback. I leave it when I am good and ready. I wait between immediately to a week to leave feedback. It should not be done in haste, you never know what you will discover with your new item..
  7. Some will and some won't. I just had a buyer leave feedback after 2 weeks.
  8. As much as it hurts you when you are trying to establish yourself on eBay, some people never leave feedback. Others will leave it immediately. Unfortunately, you can't force them to leave fb, but most will eventually get around to it.
  9. I do find it very annoying when people don't leave feedback, it sucks not to know what they think of the item! Oh well. You can't force them to leave feedback. And if they don't leave you feedback, then don't leave them feedback! Period.
  10. i find it super annoying when sellers ask me to leave feedback. a lot of times i am super busy and don't have time to thouroughly inspect an item even though i have received it. if sellers ask me to leave them feedback right away, i feel like i need to inspect the item right away and if i'm in a bad mood, i'm way more likely to be super nitpicky.
  11. I sold 3 things over a month ago and still have not received feedback. I kind of want to ask, but I think it's better not to. Still really, really annoying.
  12. EBay itself will send out a "you need to leave feedback" reminder if fb is not left within two months. When every star added to your total matters to you or when you are trying to establish yourself as a seller of a particular brand or item, it is quite important. Once you have exceeded a certain number of stars, you really stop caring. Enough people will leave it so that your numbers increase. I well remember what it felt like when I was a new seller, so I leave fb for items I have bought as soon as I get the item and examine it, at least by the following day. And I am very strict with myself as far as leaving my own buyers their fb as soon as I see a change in my own fb score.