1. Do you ever contact sellers about leaving you feedback after a good transaction?

    I have bought a few things recently and have received the items and liked them all so I have left great feedback for all of the sellers, but get nothing in return. It's been 2-3 weeks on some of them. For some reason this really peeves me. I pay immediately when I purchase an item so there should be absolutely no problem there.

    :crybaby:Waaaaa, I want my feedback:crybaby:

    Probably being too sensitive huh?
  2. I don't think you're being too sensitive. I like to get my deserved feedback once a transaction is completed successfully. I would just send a friendly note to the seller asking if they could leave you feedback.

    They might be sellers tho that leave feedback once a month, in one swoop, kwim?
  3. ^ what she said :biggrin:
  4. When enough time has elapsed (seven-ten days is my self-imposed ceiling) I check seller's feedback to see how recently they've submitted others feedback. If buyers after me have received theirs I send seller a politely worded reminder. Something along the lines of "I notice you have submitted feedback for buyers who transacted business with you after me and it makes me wonder if my feedback has somehow fallen through the cracks." Every seller I've dealt with has been very receptive to this approach. Works like a charm!:tup:
  5. Thx! I did just that and a couple of them it seems indeed do mass feedback updates. I guess maybe i'll be in the next update!
  6. I have contacted a few sellers with a friendly email asking if they wouldn't mind leaving me some positive feedback.

    ALL obliged right away!
  7. I never contact anyone about it. If they do leave fb then they do, it's not a requirement but I do appreciate when people do it. Out of my 689 feedback comments, I'd probably say maybe 5 buyers/sellers at most haven't left any feedback.
  8. I've got 4 in the last month that haven't left any yet :sad:. Hopefully soon though!
  9. If I haven't had feedback left for me after 3 weeks, I send a polite and friendly message saying that I've left the seller positive feedback and would be really grateful if they could do the same for me. It works every time.
  10. Actually as soon as I receive my merchandise I leave FB for the seller, and at the same time write them a nice mail along the lines of: "Hi, I received the parcel today and I'ì'm very satisfied of my purchase! I've just left you a great FB, I hope you are satisfied as well with your side of the transaction and that you will leave FB for me too. Have a nice day!"
    I usually get my FB right away, and nobody ever seemed bugged by these emails ;)