1. Hello,
    I am new to the Forum.My wife loves many types of purses.Every occasion(Holiday,Birthday,Anniv. ,etc.) I try to buy a nice Purse(among other gifts) for my her.My original purpose for joining was to get ideas and learn about the options for buying those Purses so I could maximize her enjoyment of them.
    Along the way I also found category of "Man Bag" which was new to me.I started to realize that in today's world of PDA'S, Cellphones ,iPod's ,etc and as I age (Reading Glasses,Sun Glasses,etc), along with wallets,keys and the like that the concept of men carrying a purse / bag was a very practical idea whose time has come.
    What are everyone's thoughts? I would hate to get one and have my wife be aghast at the thought of her husband carrying a "purse" .We have been married for 29 years and I think she would be fine with it but thought I would get feedback .If it is a go - what should I be looking to buy?
    Thanks for your help.
  2. Look at the Mulberry mens line-they are classic but pricey!
    The Joel is really great looking:yes:
  3. Thanks to all -great suggestions .Hard to decide.
  4. balenciaga offer some bags for men... but they're more relaxed and not "corporate" look.


  5. Love Louis Vuitton on guys. They make some nice messenger styles, too.
  6. i LOVE Louis Vuitton for men. their lines are fantastic. Epi, Taiga, Utah.... it just goes on! While my bf isn't big into the man purse thing, he does love their messengers for his laptop and work stuff and dies over those wallets!

    go forth and shop man!
  7. LV for men is really hot. was checking it out just today. so many cool styles.