Feedback Wanted: Hailey or Peyton

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  1. Hi there. I am quite petite and in the market for a black leather shoulder bag. I can't decide between Hailey crossbody (which I probably would wear as a shoulder bag with the shorter strap) or the Peyton leather shoulder bag. I hope that the latter is not too large for someone so petite. I would appreciate your feedback.

  2. Peyton shoulder bag. Most people buy the Hailey because of the crossbody strap, so if you're not going to use it that way then go with the Peyton. That is a beautiful bags and a classic style.
  3. I like them both. I only have the Hailey to comment on though. I think its quite comfy as a shoulder bag. Its easy to carry on the arm as well. They are both gorgeous though. The Hailey's are showing up at outlets for around $170 ish. GL!
  4. I would go for the Hailey. I have one in plum and I only use it as a shoulder bag. I think it's very comfy to carry. I haven't tried on the peyton shoulder bag but I saw it in store and wasn't very impressed. However, that's just my opinion. mentioned that you wanted a black bag, I don't think that the black Haileys are showing up at the outlets. I think that it's just certain colors.
  5. go for the peyton
  6. Get the peyton. I'm petite as well and just bought one. It's not too large.