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  1. Hello all....

    Question, if most reputable buyers do not accept bids or buyers are not interested in someone with 0% feedback, do I get started? I mean I am VERY new to this eBay thing but I have a couple of bags (a Gucci, Coach, Coach hat, Dior Saddle bag, etc.) that I want to sell on eBay.

    How do I get started?? I mean I am so new that I don't know where to start! :confused1: Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!
  2. There are still lots of sellers who will take people with no feedback. Or, you could start with smaller things (non-luxury goods) and build up your FB a little bit and then hunt the big game.
  3. You could start by selling smaller items, maybe clothing or shoes, to build up some feedback first.
  4. thanks all
  5. My advice based on seven years of buying and selling, and over 1000 positives:

    Start by buying some small things; there are lots of sellers of cosmetics, bath products, candles, books, DVDs, umbrellas, etc. who don't have restrictions on zero feedback buyers. Pay promptly, and don't pester the sellers with lots of questions about when your item will ship, etc. This will get you some very good positive feedback.

    Then try selling some small items, even if you have to buy them in order to list them. Look for name brand items that will sell. High-end cosmetic brands are a good option; don't bother with generic items that can lost in the crowd of listings. Describe your items accurately and ship them promptly, and you should get positive feedback as a seller.

    While you are building up your feedback, read lots of listings for the types of items you really want to sell. Get a feel for all the information your high-end listings should contain, and the way you should protect yourself (security tags, confirmed addresses, return policy, etc.--lots of advice here on tPF). Don't copy other people's listings, but figure out why some listings inspire confidence in the seller while others make you shake your head in disbelief. Practice taking great photos of your items.

    Then you can try selling your designer items. Start with the lower priced ones like Coach, sell them and get the feedback. Then list the Gucci and Dior type items.

    Good Luck!
  6. You can buy a few small items to get some feedback as well. There are lots of $.99 items to purchase just to build yourself up. I did that to at least show some trusthworthiness......
  7. Some people buy recipes for one cent....
  8. I think buying receipts is kind of suspicious.....
  9. You can try your luck. I wouldn't bar myself from bidding on an item w/ 0 FB seller if he/she included lots of pictures and explanation.
    However, it may be beneficial for you to do a few ebay transactions before becoming a seller because then you would be more familiar with transaction process. A lot of high-end buyers are anxious when they go through with the transaction (worrying about authenticity, not getting the confirmation # right away, etc.) so some may leave you a negative feedback if you are unfamiliar with some of their requests.
    Good luck.