Feedback Question

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  1. I recently started selling on eBay and was wondering, who should leave feedback first, the buyer or the seller? Just wondering if I should leave feedback for my buyers or wait for them to leave feedback for me first?
  2. oh geez..................there is no guideline. FB is not obligatory. There are two schools of thought. Do whatever you feel comfortable with.
    btw there is an entire forum on Ebay that has been debating the pros and cons of this for years. It is under the Community Help Boards
  3. I must admit I wait for buyers to leave feedback first, although I do then add mine pretty quickly.
    I used to do a "sweep up" for buyers who hadn't left any or hadn't contacted me, leaving something bland, but I don't do that any more. I take care with my packaging, ship ASAP (sometimes even same day if possible) and always notify of despatch/tracking, so rightly or wrongly, I figure that if they then can't be bothered then neither can I! :shrugs:

  4. I usually wait until I get feedback. But if they're new with little to no feedback I leave them feedback. I figure maybe there not familiar with it and will reciprocate.
  5. It used to annoy the heck out of me when buyers did not give fb so I stopped giving fb unless I received it first. Since I've started selling again, I leave fb right away mostly for buyers who have under 100. More often than not, I do not receive fb from buyers. Whatever.
  6. It's simply a personal choice. When I was new to selling I tried it one way, then the other to see what was best for me.
  7. As a buyer, if I am happy with my item, I always leave feedback for the seller..
  8. Until a buyer makes it clear that the transaction is done--i.e., leaves feedback or expresses satisfaction in some way--the door is open to further dispute or chargeback. For this reason, as a seller I wait for the buyer's feedback before leaving it. As a buyer I feel the same.
  9. This! As a buyer, I always leave feedback if I am happy with the transaction. As a seller I wait until my buyer leaves feedback first.
  10. bingo!

  11. This is an excellent point and probably how I'll handle feedback going forward. Thanks for the tip!
  12. I've never sold anything on ebay, but I've bought a lot of stuff. I always leave feedback as soon as I get the item. In my experience I usually leave feedback before the seller does.
  13. I agree with this. So if a buyer doesn't either leave feedback or send a message acknowledging receipt of the item and satisfaction with it, do you just "let sleeping dogs lie" or do you follow up with them?
  14. I don't follow up. I used to for a bit then I never get many responses so I stopped.
  15. I usually do one follow-up and then let it go. I think ebay also sends a reminder after 30 days. But it's so annoying when you have selling limits; if they leave positive feedback then the funds are released a little sooner.