Feedback question

  1. Hello everyone,
    I need an advice about feedback.
    A buyer bought some female underwear(Eres panties to be exact) from me. New, unused, etc. He paid, I sent it out immediately. After three days he contacted me and wrote that he would like to return it because the color of these panties and color on the picture in my description do not match. I said that 1. this picture was taken from this item, 2. Underwear is not returnable, Period. He wrote back and this time he said that this was a gift for his wife and she detest nude color, this was an aniversary present(no judgement here), and he and her did not tried these panties on.:s Then he threatened me than this 2oz. item(?) doesn't worth a negative feedback which he will leave if I won't accept an item back.
    I ignored him and contacted eBay about him threatening me.
    He waited for some time and left me a neutral feedback. Not negative, because he's afraid of negative in return, but should I forget about this or leave him any feedback at all? I know it's nothing, but it bothers me. :tdown:
  2. I would leave a negative for him stating that he threatened you with a negative for not accepting a return on a pair of underwear. That fact alone is reason enough, IMO.
  3. hmm, I would definitely respond to the feedback he left you. Make it clear that the purchase was for underwear, and as such this item is not returnable. As far as leaving him feedback, depending on what he said in your feedback I would probably leave him a neutral in return.
  4. yes!
    What a loser! No one should ever threaten you like that!
  5. ^^Yes, that's true. I really don't like the idea of buyers using feedback to blackmail sellers, so a negative may be warranted here.
  6. leave him a Big fat NEG
  7. That's really mean of him! I'd be tempted to leave a negative back, but truthfully, I've only ever left one negative feedback because I always feel bad. lol What was his comment on the feedback?
  8. I would leave a negative. You are not a dept store and he didn't like the color? Nude is nude... ugh.
  9. I would leave a NEG too. He should not threaten YOU with negative feedback over something that was HIS fault (he didn't check color description properly).

    i just don't get it though. if i bought an item on eBay (and there was nothing wrong with it or w/ descrip) but upon getting it i just realized i didn't like/want it, i would simply just bite the bullet. (if i really was so conerned about the $$ i'd maybe try to sell it myself on eBay or something). After all, it's not the seller's fault and it's not hundreds of $$. WHY do some buyers make such a big deal over these things when it's *their* fault for not paying attention to the auctions? I don't get it. The nerve of some people.

    i used to know someone who did this kind of thing alot btw..not on ebay but with retail stores. she'd buy something like an mp3 player for $250, use it everyday, and then within the 14 days or what not she'd return it to Bestbuy or whatnot for a full refund, saying she realized "it was too expensive" or something (typical buyer's remorse). :confused1: I just don't know how people can do stuff like that and sleep at night.
  10. ^Seriously. Awhile back I had a dvd set up that was listed as "watched once" then the buyer messaged me not long after saying she was probably going to leave me a negative because she thought the set was unopened and she was planning on giving it as a gift. Um, on what planet does "watched once" equal "unopened"??? And to top it all off, on the auction, I even had a picture of the case opened so you could see the discs!
    So she left me a positive but said on it something like "fast shipping but read carefully, may not mean unopened!" Um ok that's YOUR job to read the auction and understand it, not mine. :nogood:
  11. Thank you, guys, for all your comments.
    In his feedback, he wrote - Return policy not honored, despite fact that photo didnt show true garment color.
    He actually argued with me that this color in not nude and I said that this is the name manufacturer gave to the color, not me plus, the thing I said about not accepting underwear back seems to pass ignored.
  12. What color did he think it was if it wasn't nude? Peach?! I mean nude covers a very broad range of colors!
  13. He said that the color was taupe.
    I left him a negative btw.
  14. this guy sounds like a looney. what exactly is the distinction between nude and taupe, anyway? is he an interior decorator??
  15. ^Seriously!
    Geez! Some people these days really bother me.
    And "return policy not honored?" It's a pair of UNDERWEAR, for goodness sake, I wouldn't want to take them back either!! :yucky: