Feedback Question????

  1. I'm looking at this purse auction on eBay and it says the seller has a 96.7% feedback rating. But when I look at her feedback all she has is one negative. I've noticed this with other people to. It shows they have 21 feedbacks but then when I look at the feedback they only have like 3. Whats up with this? Thanks!
  2. eBay recently changed the way they display feedback, so you need to make sure you are looking at the 'ALL Feedback' page as they have split them up between buying and selling feedback...hth...
  3. :yes:
    for example, if you're looking at an auction as the Buyer, when you check out their feedback, now it just defaults to tehir feedback as a Seller.
    If you are the Seller and you want to check out feedback on a Bidder, when you click on it from your auction, it'll automatically default to their feedback as a Buyer.
    I hate this new method.
    Just click on the option to see ALL their feedback.
  4. ^^Yes, that's how it works.