Feedback/Problems with new Red Metallic Reissue with Bijoux Chain

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  1. I saw a large reissue I think. It was a METALLIC dark red (true red) color with the gold mademoiselle lock, and I think it was the Bijoux chain in gold. The chain wasn't the one I have on my caviar classic.

    I've heard horror stories about all the Mettalics from Chanel peeling. My SA at Saks told me the had to pull the Red jumbo Caviar due to it being defective and falling apart.

    I was wondering if someone could post a photo and give me some feedback on the metallics... Does this one peel? How are the other metallics doing.

  2. I am a bit confused over your post.

    Were you referring to the 2.55 metallic red, i.e. the one with the MM lock and the 2.55 chain? I am not aware of any metallic 2.55 having the bijoux chain or the new chain.....?

    If you were indeed talking about the 2.55 metallic bags, I have three in total. I am based in HK (hence, humid and hot during the summer) and I have had these bags for less than a year. I use them on a regular basis and I have no peeling problem. One of the bag was bought from Hawaii and the other two from Paris.
  3. I am also a bit confused.

    I own the 2007 Dk Silver Metallic 227 and it is doing beautifully.

    Also, I am surprised at the information your Saks SA told you about them "pulling the red jumbo because it was falling apart". All the associates at Saks I have spoken to wish their stores had ordered more than they did of this bag.....something is confusing here.....:heart:H
  4. i own a nevy metallic and surely...its does peel! :mad: well, its not much tho, just on the edge and where the MM lock locates!
  5. I have a few metallics and they're holding up nicely so far! My SA did tell me though, that due to the nature of the process they used to seal the metallic color in place, in time (with use), the color will rub off... but it shouldn't peel off very quickly. I am a little confused though - the metallic red is a completely different bag from the caviar red, and while there have been posts about defects for both metallics and the caviar, they are different issues entirely.

    Whatever you decide though, the metallic red is an absolutely STUNNING bag - I would definitely have gotten it had I not gotten the caviar! Good luck!
  6. So odd that Saks would tell you they pulled the red jumbo. The large Chanel boutique on E. 57th received about 24 red jumbos w/silver hardware and 12 w/gold hardware and here we are into the 3rd week of January and they are completely sold out and they get dozens of phone calls daily from customers trying to get their hands on one of these.
  7. ^ I agree with Mon. Every SAs who saw me carrying cruise red asked me where I got it. (Well, except for Brendan of course!) My SA at Saks (NYC) told me that they got something like 8 and they all sold right away. She so wished they were getting more!

    As for the red metallic, it sounds like what you saw is red metallic reissue? That bag first came out for 08P and thy brought it out again for 09C.
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    I recall reading another post about Chanel allegedly stopping production of the red bags here.

    Of course here is just one of many posts about the lack of quality control with the production of the caviar red 09.

    As everyone knows, there have been many posts here as well about conflicting information from different SAs, as well as different retailers.
  9. First of all I read the post here on the website about them stopping production of the red caviar bag. I refer to the Post by Layla above this one. So what's the surprise. I asked my SA if it was true. And she said, indeed, it was true the red caviar flaps were defective and the stopped production of them. I told her the quality of the flaps are God awful to say the least. THe new Maxi is a disgrace. THe lamb looks like vinyl and there is no structure in the bag. THe caviar is a ultra thin and washed and looks like junk! THere's little left to say. THe bag is collapsing. I saw the old red caviar maxi with the large CCs. This is a joke.

    I read many complaints about metallics peeling here. I do not know what the bag was. I detest reissues in general. But I saw a pretty dark red metallic at Chanel Boutique with gold hardware. Looked like a different chain to me. If the bag is peeling for anyone whether it's navy or another color there is a serious problem. My versace which is patented --I've had no problems. THey told me metallics sometimes rub off a bit after long use. They don't peel. But they can be resprayed. But I wondered about the peeling. I really don't care what SAs in general say. They all say they are doing well. I have eyes. I was at Chanel yesterday, there wasn't a human in the store. That's why they have stopped the Gift card programs. My SA who I'm a bit friendly with on a personal level told me they are aware of the structure problem, of the stitching coming undone, and the thinner caviar leather, but Chanel doens't care and will make them thinner and less structured in the future. She said there are ton of complaints about the bags. To me an idiot can see these bags and I'm not picking on just Chanel -- all of these designer bags -- are just cranked out in a factory in China or Indonesia and are very inferior. It's sad because the price tag is high and I love designer goods. But I will not be made a fool of. Hermes is down the drain also,, which I knew even better than Chanel. Sad that whatever you pay, you cannot get good quality. And if it says made in Italy or France it should be made there. That's what I'm paying for!
  10. Your courage to speak up is commendable Francesca, as was Judy's (jmen), Jayne1's, FrenchBulldog's and the other members in the past who have questioned Chanel's quality, the general downgrading and cheapening of the their handbags.

    The bags are not what they used to be and I, for one, admire your integrity to speak up as well as the others who have posted their negative experiences here on tpf.

    I no longer believe Chanel's handbags are handmade in some little European village, by the loving hands of skilled artisans and talented craftspeople who pride themselves in their workmanship and haven't for the last couple of years.
  11. Yes, but this was just misinformation because Nordstrom did in fact receive their shipment of the red caviar w/gold hardware and on time just as the other department stores were receiving their stock for sale. I have read nothing about Saks pulling their stock of the cruise red jumbos.
  12. ^ Thus my using the word allegedly.

    Glad you cleared that all up for everyone Monica.

    Although I did not notice your clearing it up and stating the facts in that thread, perhaps you may considering doing so as well.

    Let's not lose sight of the spirit of Francesca's other comments though or the other members for that matter.
  13. Hi Layla, actually it was cleared up in that thread by other members...

    Regarding the issue with red metallics - I personally don't know about the red metallic, but I have a purple metallic 227 and there are some very minor areas of dulling where the bag may rub against my clothing, but I think I'm less picky about my bags than other people. Some members have issues, and others don't. I think it's kind of a crap shoot with the mtallics, and yet people keep buying them.
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    Thanks Monica. Yes, I read that whole thread thoroughly, I just did not see your post clearing it up with the definitive answer. It is well known you're privy to all things Chanel no matter the retailer, SAs, evidenced by your posting history here and many members look to you for the answers. :smile:

    To reiterate, let's not lose sight of the spirit of Francesca's other comments regarding Chanel's quality or the other members for that matter.
  15. LOL! I'm just a posting maniac, it doesn't make me any more informed.:P

    Sorry to Francesca for going OT. It seems a lot of members have had problems with the metallics dulling and it's probably best, even though the red metallic color is stunning, to try to find another red bag to satisfy your craving for red.