Feedback on work tote

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  1. Hi everyone!! I have been lurking around here for a long time though I have only started participating recently. Hoping to recieve help and guidance from you amazing people! I am in the process of designing a high quality work tote which has a dedicated padded sleeve for a 15" laptop. Naturally the bag will have fairly large dimensions and will be heavy once the laptop and rest of the things are in it. Considering these two factors, would you prefer the bag to have standard handles that can snuggly fit over the shoulder (such as in the picture below) or would you rather have shorter handles and a long detachable strap? Any other comments regarding shape, color or anything else will be highly appreciated!

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  2. Some additional pics!

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  3. one more! :smile:

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  4. I like to have a shoulder strap + shorter handles, particularly if its going to be a workhorse bag. Hope that helps
  5. The bag looks beautiful! For a heavy work bag, I would love a bag with handles that (just) fit over the shoulder if necessary, PLUS a long messenger strap...
  6. Thank you!! Do you carry your laptop in the same bag?
  7. Thank you so much Mary!! 😍 That really helps 😊
  8. My pleasure. On the bag in the photo, I would make a shoulder handles a little shorter (but making sure they still fit over the shoulder with a winter coat on, and add, if possible, a wide shoulder strap to help spread the weight :smile: Perhaps even in a contrasting colour, like red or blue?
  9. Preferably, yes :smile:
  10. I love it just as is. I like the shape a lot (it's a bit more north/south than the usual east/west, but yet it doesn't look like a bucket shape)!

    I like the shoulder straps just as they are and I love that the handles are a rolled leather instead of the usual strap style that digs in or the wide strap that slips off.

    I always carry a 15" laptop plus a portfolio and various other items so I have tried dozens of different bags for the purpose. For me, I don't like a long strap because it just makes the bag too heavy for me and I hate walking along with my big heavy brick smashing into my hips or rear end all day. But many don't make a long strap that will adjust short enough to wear as a shoulder bag.

    So I like the idea of keeping the handles as they are (so they're big enough to fit all sizes of arms/shoulders) and then having a detachable long strap option for those who prefer it messenger style.

    Oh, and if you're planning on offering any of these for sale, pm me! Lol.
  11. Thank you so much!! So good to see that someone is appreciating the little details we have worked on! So you don't think a long strap (with hooks on the insides of the bag) will look odd with such large handles right?

    Will most certainly let you know when we launch, the plan is to be on kickstarter in a couple of months! :biggrin:
  12. That's great news! It's a good looking bag. :smile:
    No, I don't think it will look odd as long as the attachments are on the inside. With a long strap and worn cross body I think it will just look like a really big cross body. I think the handles hanging down while the long strap is in use will simply look decorative. It's like the new Coach Rogue, the handles look really cool hanging down while the shoulder strap is in use. My two cents anyway.

    Definitely let me know when you launch, please!

  13. You have no idea how valuable your 2 cents are!! Thank you so very much! Will definitely let you know when I launch!!
  14. I prefer to have shorter handles and a detachable, adjustable strap so that it hangs just by my hip when worn over the shoulder, but that's just me. I just don't like to have bags right under my arm.

    The bag looks great, it's simple and classic and I could see many types of people carrying this. I love the logo, too. Maybe gold-toned hardware would look nicer against the warm-toned leather?
  15. Any good bags from Chanel for work tote ?