Feedback on Vache Liagee leather

  1. I need expert review on Vache Liagee

    How new is this leather? Is it stiff? Is it heavier/lighter than Togo or Clemence? How does it compare in general to other non-exotic leather? Would you want it in a 30 cm Birkin?
  2. I am very curious to see the responses to this question. I was offered a vache 30cm Birkin in gold/gold hardware. I turned it down because I was afraid of the scratch factor. I wanted a sturdier leather for daytime use. I subsequently found what I wanted in gold togo/pall hardware. Very happy with it. I did find the price for the vache to be much higher and that annoyed me as well!
  3. Hmmm ... why the price difference? How does it compare to the price of chevre? Because it's a new leather? Is the scratch resistance factor better or worse off than the other textured leather?

    What is the layman term for vache liagee by the way? What animal skin is this?
  4. Of all the non-exotics, vache liegee is the most expensive by far. Vache means it is an adult hide, most likely a cowhide, as opposed to a veau, a baby hide . It is a natural grained leather, and supposedly has the longevity of box. Because of the grain, it is scratch-resistant. What makes it so expensive is the way it is processed. One of its drawbacks, at least IMO, is that it has a platicky appearance.
  5. I purchased a Kelly in this leather...and I would not buy it in a Birkin. I feel it is too 'sleek' if that makes sense. The leather has a little sheen to it, but that could be the color. I also think it could be scratch resistant, (but I am not going to test
  6. Also, it is rigid and IMO lightweight.
  7. Hi,

    mrssparkles, I got your PM regarding the official color of my bag and it is gold.

    I have one Birkin (my one and only!) in Vache Liagee and although at first I was a little disappointed since it was not as soft as others I've felt, it has really grown on me. It is definitely a lighter tan color than gold in togo (kind of want a gold bag in togo now) but I think I got my bag pretty early on and it has already begun to settle in nicely. I use it quite often and I think the color has darkened ever so slightly. If you look at the photos I posted in the Reference thread the bag does look a little plasticky which is partially due to the light (it is darker in real life). But if you look at it in the scarfs/bags thread you can see that it has already darkened a little bit and gained some more character. I actually really really like it in the 30cm size, not so much in the 35cm size and above since I think a Birkin in those sizes looks better with a little "give."

    I do find it to be quite lighter than Togo/Clemence. The price yes it is very high and though they say it will last forever well so does Togo/Clemence right? Carrying the bag I already have "Birkin elbow" pains so I cannot imagine what it'd be like with a heavier leather. Another thing I like about its sturdiness is that I tend to pack lots of things into my some of my softer leather ones (like the Muse) get more slouchy over time and show the bulges. Vache Liagee does not.

    I would get VL again in perhaps a black color. I would not get it in any color that requires a lot of I think are okay because their patina is more predictable in that since. That being said I have requested VL in black 30cm in the future but chevre for any other color.

    Also wanted to add that I have spilled some random unidentified foods and jamba juice on the front of this bag (and not noticed for a day or two :angel: ) and it has cleaned up fine. I also carried it through slight rain in Carmel and it has looks very good. I'm rough on my bags, too. I figure if I am spending so much it better be durable!

    edited to say i am sorry for all the multiple postings!! don't know what's wrong with me today :Push:
  8. Very nicely put!!

    I own a Paris-Bombay in Vache Liagee. I have found it to be a sturdy leather. It does not scratch. I hit it againt a table at work by mistake and to my surprise it did not scratch at all. The leather also seems to have darken. I would reccomend this leather to woman that are heavy on their bags because it will hold it's shape and will not scratch as much as other leathers do. Like Hermesgroupie has said it is a rigide leather.

    My favorite color so far that I've seen in this leather has been the raisan (purple) oh my :love: what a beauty it looks just like grape juice!!!
  9. I agree with everything that's written by the ladies. If you like your Birkin more rigid, vache liegee is a good choice.

    Another color which I find nice in vache liegee is rouge garance. It is darker and has a nice undertone to it that is not as golden as in clemence.
  10. All the responses above have been exactly on point and answered all of your questions perfectly, so I can't do anything but add to them.

    I have both a Birkin and a Kelly in Vache Liagee and find that it's difficult to compare them with their counterparts in Togo, Clemence, Chevre or Fjord, which I also own in different colors and sizes.

    Colors are generally slightly toned down or even a completely different tone on the Liagee, but if you're fond of a sturdier, rigid leather that will hold its shape, this will do it. I've found it to be extremely sturdy, lightweight and virtually scratchproof - it looks like it will withstand a great amount of abuse and maintain its appearance over time. I'd say it's an excellent replacement for Epsom or Courcheval, since it has many of those qualities, yet with a much more refined grain and a slightly 2-toned and 2-dimensional look. I also see it as having the capacity to retain a lovely patina over time.

    As long as you don't directly compare it to the softer leathers like Togo or Clemence, it's fine. I'd only say that if your choice is a bag that's slouchier, it's not your best pick. And if you're looking for a sturdy workhorse that will withstand the elements and still look great over time, it seems like it will meet those criteria better than its predecessors.
  11. I bought a vache leigee 35 ebene in febuary and when i went to pick it up i have to say i was a bit suprised as i have fjord and togo but although i havent used it yet ( think its more a winter bag ) I have fallen in love with it ... It is lighter and stiffer than the above mentioned and i wwould say it is very scratch resistent...:smile:
  12. I can't add anything here except that a Birkin 35 in this leather is around $10k I believe. Yikes!!
    This leather must hold up beautifully over time.
  13. Agree with LaVan--I saw the swatch of the rouge garance in vache liegee & it is indeed quite beautiful w/o that golden undertone--a nice deep shade between Rouge H & Rouge VIF. And something about the feel of the leather reminded me of Fjord--but much more lightweight and more textured.
  14. I have vache liagee in a 31 Bolide.

    I have nothing more to add than what has been said. I have been very pleased. :heart:
  15. I wish I could see some swatches in this leather. Does anyone have anything to post in some of the colors that vache liegee comes in?