Feedback on this vintage bag

  1. What do you think? Should I get this or not? Opinion ladies..
    Btw anyone have any idea which year this purse is from? I only know it's from the 90's
    Thanks. :smile:
    4fdb_10.jpg 5435_10.jpg
  2. I would definately get it!! A red flap with gold hardware is hard to come by, even if it isn't the classic diamond pattern it is beautiful!! Buy, buy!
  3. yeah...i saw this one on eBay...this mini flap is fabulous with that RED hot color....u shld get it! Not forgettin it's a vintage flap, so rare!
  4. It's beautiful! I'd get it :yes:
  5. Thanks ladies for your opinions... Yeah, it's beautiful inded isnl't it?:love: I guess I'm close to hit that purchase button!! :sweatdrop:
  6. Nathalie...
    Oh my..yeah it's a shame isn't it? I just found this listing yesterday. I haven't hit that buy button yet.. Maybe I should try my luck to ask the seller if she's willing to put the old price..hahahhaha..:p
  7. Yes, you should try it! The worst thing that can happen is that she says no, but maybe you can work something out together. Keeping my fingers crossed for you, good luck! :tup:
  8. oooh great observation there Nat :smile:

    Hope it works out for you and you can buy this fab little bag :smile:
  9. I'm so loving vintage lately. Get it! How can you go wrong with red?!
  10. It's GORGEOUS, I love the red.
  11. very cute and gorgeous colour.
  12. I have a vintage red lambskin quilted Chanel with gold hardware that I bought off eBay. I get the most complements on it. Red with gold is TDF!
  13. I like the color, but am not crazy about the up and down stitching, I much prefer the quilts. But if you like it, get it. The color really is TDF :yes:
  14. I love it!