Feedback on the Multicolore Kate Clutch please!

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  1. #1 Aug 11, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2008
    Personally I'm not a fan of multicolore but when I saw the Kate clutch started to change my mind......its is so cute and perfectly suits multicolore! So....... I'm thinking of going over to the colored side :graucho: but is it painfully too small?!! Haven't had a chance to go in to look so just wanting some TPF members' advice......thanks!
  2. Thanks Teatime!
  3. I purchased it but returned it! Yes, it's adorable but it's just tooooo small and I really didn't care for the gold.
  4. I love it. It is kind of small, but it's a bag that can be used when you're not carrying too much.
  5. ^ Ditto. :yes:
  6. I just bought her yesterday and she's gorgeous. I plan to use her when I go out on date nights with my hubby. Too bad they didn't make a Kate that was the same size and functions of the Eva though.
  7. I think it's a perfect clutch for going out clubbing or dinner, whatever really!
  8. I love the kate and actually bought it and then returned it....
    it wasn't as functional as i would have liked it to be...

    however, i am reconsidering purchasing it again before the price increase, it's also supposed to be a limited addition the small LV color print and the gold patina!!! it's a pretty affordable piece for MC...and just so cute!!!
    just wish it had a shoulder chain like eva and sophie.......:heart::heart:
  9. It's really cute and ideal for going out or for using as a pochette inside a larger purse. I have to be honest though and admit that I haven't used mine much, but that is because I'm not really a minimal "packer" - I have to bring everything with me all the time!
  10. :heart::tup::yes::tup::heart:
    I never thought I would want anything multi color either and just like you saw Kate and had to have her! I really like the gold trim with the white vs. leather. I can cards, cash, phone, lip gloss, comb, keys and I think even a compact in mine. I really love it!!
  11. i think its pretty but too small abit. I prefer Eva size. But still, its gorgeous.
  12. Omigosh that is EXACTLY what I am thinking about the kate right now haha, I am so torn lol :Push:
  13. LVoe it! It's small, true. But there are times that you just don't need all that stuff.
  14. I looked at the Kate when I purchased my Eva, I loved the MC with the gold, but I wanted the long shoulder strap and the spaciousness of the Eva.