Feedback on SO and Podium

  1. Have any of you ladies had any early feedback on your SO and/or what may or may not be available at podium. I have noticed some SA's and Managers know a great deal more than others and I wonder what some of you may have prematurely heard?
  2. This is what I've heard in regards to epsom and some of the crocs ... They don't have fuchsia epsom at the last Podium and they won't have it at this Podium either. Fuchsia croc was supposedly not available at last Podium (unless it's a special order) and it's still going to be on very short supply (unless yours is a special order). Black croc, however, is available at this Podium. Btw, they didn't say nilo or porosus though, it just says crocs in general. They are not making Cyclamen in goatskin at this time but they are still making it in epsom. Fuchsia goatskin has not been brought back at this time as they're going with Rose Shocking goatskin at the moment.

    That's all I know.
  3. Just want to add that there's also no cobalt blue ostrich for this Podium it seems ... unless it's a special order ...