Feedback on my Baby Trinity bracelet...

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  1. So I finally bought my first Cartier piece... Yay! I bought the baby Trinity bracelet on a silk cord. But, I already have had an issue...
    I bought my bracelet on the 24th of last month. I didn't like the black cord it came on, so I asked for the silk cord to be switched to a red one. They were happy to oblige.
    I wore it out of the shop, and haven't taken it off. I work at a busy coffeeshop, but I was mindful and made sure to mind it at work. One day while I was getting dressed for work, I noticed that one side of the bracelet was unravelling! This happened after... a week of wearing it day after day. So I unravelled the other side, and popped them on a chain.
    Did anyone else have this problem?
    The next time I am heading into San Francisco, I will bring it with me for them to put the rings on a new cord, but now I am leery of having it on a silk cord if it is going to unravel so easily...
  2. I have had my bracelet for over a year on the original red cord it came with and I wear it regularly and this has not happened to me. Very weird, it should not show wear and unravel so easily. I hope you go back to Cartier to show them!
  3. Thank you noon I am going to!
  4. Could you post a pic to show how it has unraveled, I'm really interested to see. Such a shame it has happened!
  5. Yes, please post pics of how it has unravelled.... I am thinking about buying one of these but this story puts me off! Have just rung Cartier Selfridges for prices on this bracelet and as I dont live near a store, they said they would also send me instructions for how I can change the cord myself if I was to buy one....

    Did you get instructions on how to tie the cord when you bought yours? Are they easy to follow? Thanks
  6. I am sorry I should have take a pic, but I was getting ready for work, and only had enough time to finish unravelling it and putting it on a chain to put around my neck for safekeeping!
    There are instructions included, and I am going to take a look at i today since I have a bit more time before work.
    Only one side had unravelled, and it was still secure on my wrist, but I was afraid that it would completely unravel so I did it myself before it did it unbeknownst to me...
    I think it was uncommon for this to happen.
    The issue is that when I asked for it to be a different colored cord, he seeed a bit dubious as to his skills in retying the knots... I think that I might ask fo another SA to fix it when I go back to Cartier in San Francisco!
  7. So I went to Tiffany's today and bought a nice 16" 18k yellow gold chain for my baby trinity. I really am not happy with how quickly it unravelled, and I feel that I would be too harsh on a simple silk cord on my wrist. I am a girl that likes to flail her arms a bit... Anyhoo.
    I would have gotten an 18k yellow gold chain at Cartier, but it would have cost me about $800-900, and I got a very pretty chain for $200. Works for me.
  8. Bumping this. darkangel, do you have any modeling pictures with your baby trinity with your new chain? Was thinking of getting the baby trinity after my third baby girl is born this spring and this seems like a great option.
  9. I actually retunred the chain! I am still trying to figure out what to do with it. I cannot wear it as a bracelet with the silk cord... I might go back and get a white gold chain. I LOVE it alot more on a chain rather than a cord.
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    ^^ Thanks for the reply. It seems like it would look so pretty and dainty on a chain.

    Also, what is it about the Cartier website! It's terrible!!!
  11. I HATE their website! It freezes on me all the time!
  12. I have this bracelet on a cord and the SA tied it very well it hasn't gotten loose at all, he also said next time I want to change the cord to just bring it in, I would love to see pics of it on a chain is it available on a bracelet chain too or only necklace?
  13. I would try another cord - sounds like you got a funky one especially if the SA wasn't very skilled in putting it on. The trinity on a chain sounds gorgeous too though. Also, agree about the website, it's annoying!!