Feedback on large Brooke?

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  1. I tried searching everywhere on here about the large Brooke and I didn't find anything, pictures, modeling pictures or people talking about her.
    Does anyone here have the Large signature Brooke if so how do you like her?

    thanks for your help!
  2. I had the large Brooke but in the leather, recently gave her away. It's probably my biggest regret. It was absolutely the most beautiful bag. I can't say much for the siggie, since I'm not a siggie type girl. The leather is absolutely beautiful though.
  3. Just last week I received my new large eggplant leather Brooke. The leather is very soft and I love the color. I don't know about the siggys but I'm sure the sizing is similar. This bag is really large and I just can't seem to fill it up but I do love it. It's a very slouchy bag and I also have a carly and a zoe and so far this is my fav. I also have the matching wallet and wristlet and there's still lots of room. I'm sure you'll love it.
  4. I have the large in quartz leather and the large siggy in gunmetal lurex. I love them, they are so pretty and so comfortable to wear.
  5. I don't have the large Brooke, but I have the smaller one. Is it the med or small? anyways, mine is leather and I absolutely love it! It has the softest leather. I love that it is slouchy. It is the most comfortable bag that I own.
    I love that I can just throw it over my shoulder and go. Or grab it in the crook of my arm when I am shopping. I just love this bag!
  6. I have the smaller one...I adore it. It is a beautiful bag. I am usually a big bag girl but I felt the large was just toooo big.
  7. I just got the large leather one today and I love it! It's comfortable and easy to carry and looks really pretty.
  8. i have the large brooke in nubuck and textured metallic... i love the size but i have a distinct fondness for larger bags... i'm 5'10ish and larger so it fits me well... they are smaller (and lighter) than the editorial zoe's...

    i love the softly structured style of the bag and the extra details too!!


  9. I have the large signature brooke and love her. The only thing I find inconvenient is the straps for holding like a satchel are too short, not comfortable, but I never really carry it this way. I traded my large carly for the large brooke as the carly was fraying and the SA offered me a credit.
  10. PurseKindaGal, fancy meeting you here! I just went to the Coach website and the Brooke large immediately caught my eye (in taupe leather, of course)!
  11. I have the meduim size metallic texture like in Johnniegirl's pic and it is the perfect size for me not to big not to small. They hold a lot are soft and hangs just right with the shoulder strap but they are narrow in opening it bugs some ladies but it doesn's bother me.

    Hope you find one you will also like they are great bags.
  12. LOL that's too funny!! I see we have the same taste.. return the Artsy and lets get a Brooke!!!

    So ladies is the Brooke a Great everyday bag?? comfortable??

    the one thing I didn't like was how it slouched over when you set her down? does yours do this??

    and does anyone have some modeling pictures of their brooke?
  13. your bags are FABULOUS love them !!!
  14. I'm new to coach also but have been watching some in eggplant and always fing it hard with size. I had the treesje marley hobo but had to return because just too big for me was leaning to the smaller size 13 x11 I think any suggestions?
  15. I'm eyeing some large Brookes on *bay and interested in the larger size. However, the dimensions on Coach's site compared to sellers on *bay seems to be different. How many sizes are there for Brooke?