Feedback on Cynthia H bags.....not Cynthia Rowley...

  1. I was in TJM the other day, and I came across the most unbelievably beautiful bag by Cynthia H.....not to be confused with Cynthia Rowley. When I Googled it, Cynthia Rowley came up except for only 2 websites. The hobo-styled purse was constructed out of a pearlized light green leather with a braided strap. The lining was a beautiful brown on white brocaide material that was thicker than most linings. It was gorgeous, really. This is a $400 purse and TJM was sellling it for $120. I wanted to zap it up, but I am still on my purse ban. However this bag was so unbelievably beautiful that I just might break it. So, my question for everyone, anyone familiar at all with this brand? It must be flying under the radar, and I love those type of bags.......anyone????:p
  2. No one???:sad:

    I just went out and bought it, but I was hoping that someone had some experience with this brand. The color is almost a cream with a slight hint of green in it.

    Thanks for any input. :yes: