Feedback needed for Keepall 55

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  1. With the Damier Keepall, you don't have to worry about the vachetta getting dirty easily or getting watermarks on the handles/trimmings.
  2. I'd go with the Damier for all the reasons John5 said above. Plus it's classy and stylish. I know when I go to get my keepall I'll definitely be getting it in Damier. But that might be just so I have an excuse to get the carryall since that only comes in mono. haha!
  3. OK what is the size that can be used as "carry on" luggage?? Is it the 55??
  4. The Keepall 55 is the largest that can be carried on but I have seen people squeeze their Keepall 60 into the overhead bins.
  5. Get the Damier for sure. Looks very classy. I want one now.. :heart:
  6. i personally like the vachetta patina and waterspots/age/etc. though imo, a damier keepall is a lot more low-key, and masc.. then again, i'm a mono guy too. hehe.
  7. My vote is for the Damier.
  8. mono keepall...I love mono canvas to bits
  9. I like the monogram.
  10. I like the mono better.
  11. Love the Damier!!!!
  12. Mono. I am currently lusting of the mono keepall 50.
  13. I agree! I like the aged look of a keepall with vachetta. It carries marks with the places you've been. So you can just think of every patina process of it a travel momento! :biggrin:
  14. either is fabulous, but I'd go with the Damier.