Feedback is a B*tch!

  1. Okay, what's with people taking feedback like a personal insult? I recently had a nonpaying bidder who bought my item using BIN and then later told me that he was no longer buying it because he found something else. Um, what? It doesn't work like that! So I filed an Unpaid Item Dispute, to which he did not respond, and so I gave him an Unpaid Item Strike and left him negative feedback saying that he did not pay for his item. Now he's emailing me saying that I'm making a big deal out of nothing and that I'm being mean and that I'm terribly angry at him. Honestly, it's none of those things - if you don't pay, I'm gonna say so! That's how eBay works, and that's what the feedback system is for! It's not like I'm out to get him. The fact of the matter is that he broke a binding contract and now he's trying to make me feel like a bad person for calling him out on it!

    Sorry for the long post, just had to vent!:hysteric:
  2. Just ignore his emails and block him.

    Its over and done now and he will hopefully learn that you cant do that on eBay.

    Mind you, with the new feedback rules on eBay.... would that mean that you cant leave him neg feedback even if buyer doesnt pay?
  3. I recently had a seller who shipped me a purse folded in 4 and shoved in a box the size of the small flat-rate USPS box. When I wrote feedback "Auth Coach,,slow email, paid Mon, ship Wed in small box w/o padding or tracking" they e-mailed me and said my feedback was negative eventhough I left a + since the purse was authentic. She then followed up to my feedback saying she did send tracking. However, what she sent was the insurance number and not tracking and she never answered my e-mail concerning the bad tracking number, which is why I said slow email.

    She took my feedback very personal eventhough I was accurately describing our transaction. Whole situation pissed me off even more since I was trying to be fair in describing the transaction.

    My BF had someone do the same thing to her as your buyer and sent her a crazy e-mail stating she thought everything was "okay" since she had let my BF know she wasn't going to pay for the item.

    That is the agreement, I don't know why people are shocked and pissed off when they don't pay and you say exactly that.

    Sorry you are dealing with this person.
  4. "My BF had someone do the same thing to her as your buyer and sent her a crazy e-mail stating she thought everything was "okay" since she had let my BF know she wasn't going to pay for the item."

    That's EXACTLY what happened to me!
  5. ebay is getting worse and worse everyday... and the new ebay rules wont allow us to leave feedback to buyers!! that bullsh*t!! next thing you know, everyones gonna be an nonpaying buyer, and we cant do anything about it
  6. Oh gosh that sounds like a seller I just had a problem with!!!
    This was the one who never sent me my item I won back in November...a couple of weeks ago, he had the nerve to email me this (I started that thread on it):
    sorry that I never sent the item out.
    I will send it out this week.
    I do not think that this warranted a negative feedback however because it was only .99 cents.
    Feedback is so important, I was wondering if you would be up for a mutual feedback withdrawal when you receive your item. THANKS!

    Uh yeah nice try, maybe you should have sent it out or repsonded to the Paypal claim I had open when you had the chance, now nearly 3 months later you want to make it right? And that you didn't deserve a negative because, despite the fact that you never sent it out, it was only .99 so it doesn't matter?
    Yeahhhh ok.
  7. I HATE NPB's!!!!!
  8. Arghh, this buyer sounds like a total pain! I really hate the new feedback system where the seller cannot leave negative feedback. What is the point of that and how are sellers protected?
  9. ^anyone know when that goes into effect? I mean when we can't leave negative FB anymore?
  10. ^^ ITA. Sometimes the seller NEEDS to leave negative feedback!
  11. I wish ebay could hold money on a person's credit card when they win or make an offer.

    I just had someone make 2 autodecline offers. The 3rd offer was accepted. Now she claims she got it elsewhere (not on her ebay history).

    So I am in limbo land until the 8th day, when I will file. I hate doing mutually decided not to complete because it surely isn't mutual!
  12. It really is. Buyers have so many more rights than sellers. And don't even get me started on how much I'm beginning to looooathe Paypal. :cursing:
  13. I believe the changes go into effect in May. :crybaby:
  14. I hate when that happens! Some of the people on ebay are ridiculous. Sorry this is happening to you!

    I left a neutral for a seller once who took over 2 weeks to ship my item to me. I had emailed her multiple times asking if my item was shipped and got no response. I finally got the item, and it was great. However, I left neutral feedback saying that although I liked the item, it took over 2 weeks for her to ship. She responded to that saying "Shipped Priority like auction stated, buyer being unreasonable." What's the purpose of priority shipping if you take 18 days to send it to me! Luckily she didn't neg me but she did send me a lot of nasty emails claiming I was trying to ruin her seller reputation!
  15. Job well I feel the same way, that is the only way to gain trust on Ebay.