Feedback: Hermes Mods Asking Members


Mar 9, 2006
Happy Holidays to All!

Jag and I have been talking and we would like feedback on our subforum. We would like to know what you like and maybe don't like about our subforum and how to make the "dislikes" better. Are we missing anything? Do we have useless stickies? Do you like how it is organized?

I have mentioned to her that I would like numerous threads that contain a color or color groups that are similar. I would like to have us all add pics to show various bags, the colors and how they appear on various leather types, any info. (i.e. Red Family- would contain all the color names, pictures of members bags or resellers pics/magazine pics, prices, member discussion etc.) That way when you need reference and you do a search you can easily find all that we have on "The Red Family" in one place. I hope I am expressing myself pretty clear on this idea.

I just thought this would be a great thread to hear from all of you.

Please share how you feel and maybe this will help us to improve what we have already established.

^^^I think the idea of having different threads for different colors, and all the possible info regarding that specific color (all the leathers done in that color, different bag styles, bags being carried ecc...) is a BRILLIANT idea, KB!!!:yahoo:
Why thank you Duna!

I know plenty of times I am searching and it is hard to find what I am looking for in the time I have to search for it. We have alot of info all over the place and we need to get it grouped. Would you all be willing to help on that one?
Kellybag.. Great idea to post this thread.. the only concern i have that with all the threads we have in the reference library we dont have a thread with the name and the picture of every Hermes bag.. like plume, massai, garden party etc.. so so many newcomers come here and they ask about bags without knowing where to look exactly!! i myself was looking for hours for the massai (knew how it looks like but couldn't remember the name) till i went to ebay and found it!! just a thought!!! maybe this can be incorportaed in one of the threads :shrugs:
These are excellent ideas! I especially love the idea of sample pics of different bags - the other day i found gina b's farming bag in her paris thread and was fascinated!
Do you think we could have just one thread for all the types of bags and include many pics of each type of bag in the thread? You know...title it "Types of Hermes Bags" or something like that. If we have one for each type of bag it could be alot of threads. Maybe we could do the most common ones separately and then one that incorporates all the others into one.

Do you all still like the idea of "Hermes Colors" with all inclusive info like I stated above?
Ditto to all the above. LOVE the idea of threads for each color in various skins and something similar to the LV Clubhouse--i.e., pictures of members' Bolides, Trims, Plumes, Kellys, etc. Also the Hermes Knowledge Base thread is a bit unwieldy to navigate through now---perhaps it can be cleaned up a bit to remove praises/comments?
I like the idea of threads for the main types--Kelly, Birkin, Plume, Bolide, Trim, HACs, GPTs, and one thread for all the others (Farming, Market, Constance (don't think we have too many of these), etc). And perhaps one devoted to just Exotic Skins?