Feedback Grrr So Angry Is this right?

Nov 12, 2006
Devon, Uk
Hey guys

I just set up a fairly new ebay account with my boyfrien Although d I Bought And Sold On Ebay For Over 10 years!
Although the accounts only new I have been listing away this week and I sold one of my boyfriends PS2 games (in excellent condition)
I have just come on my account to find a negative feedback saying
item was damaged,tried to contact seller with no luck,not happy at all:cursing::cursing:

The item was only recieved yesterday afternoon and i have no emails or ebay messages from this buyer since last night :crybaby:

Im really annoyed since boyfriend nor I would not be selling damaged games..
2.I have only 7 feedback now and I always say any problems etc email me
3. I would never scam anyone out of a measly few pounds neevermind when im selling Designer bits:cursing:

Is there anything that can be done about it now?

I emailed the buyer to say I have had no conact from them and i have no idea what damage could have magically happened to it since leaving my hands

Sorry guys im just so annoyed thanks for letting me vent lol


A taste for the arts
Oct 7, 2006
San Francisco
Are you able to use Square Trade in the UK? I filed a Square Trade complaint for negative feedback that a seller gave me in retaliation for the neg I gave her (she sold me a fake LV bag). Since she didn't respond to Square Trade's inquiry, they removed the negative (although her comments are still there).


Aug 17, 2007
I suppose it may have been damaged in shipping. I would see how they respond to your email. Did you leave FB already? If not you can leave them a neg simply stating "no contact from buyer made for a neg experience" Then you can ask for a mutual fb witdrawal. Or you can go through square trade and pay $30 to possibly have it removed.

Also go to the fb he left and respond to it so that people can see your side, stay calm and factual.

It really sucks, I think some people get thrills out of leaving neg fb! Once I had a guy leave me and 15 other sellers a neg fb that simply said "jerk" in less than one minute. Ebay would do nothing about it, and I REFUSED to pay to have it removed, so it is still there somewhere.