Feedback frustration

  1. I love to snoop around on eBay and love it when I find something I just can't live without. What I find frustrating are sellers who refuse to leave feedback until the buyer leave them feedback first.

    I feel that once I've paid, I've satisfied my part of the transaction and should be left appropriate feedback. In my opinion, the sellers are withholding their feedback as a retaliation method in case the buyer leaves negative feedback then the seller can leave negative.

    I've been both buyer and seller and leave my feedback as a seller immediately upon payment but very few do the same. In fact, many sellers state right in their listing they won't leave feedback until the buyer leaves theirs. Plus, after I've left my feedback, I have to 'remind' the seller to post their feedback.

    I understand there are a lot of nuts out there so sellers have to protect themselves. Am I being silly?
  2. I think that once payment has been received sellers should HAVE to leave payment immediately to the buyer. I totally agree with you. I always try and leave feedback for buyers soon after they paid.
  3. I know this has been discussed about 10x this month alone in this forum (I just did a quick search and a bunch of threads came up) and while I understand your point of view, IMO, the transaction is NOT over once the person pays. What if the buyer pays on time and then tries to send you back a fake version of the purse you sent them and demand a refund?

    What if they claim they never got it and do a chargeback on you, even though tracking says they received it? Should they still get a positive just because they paid on time?

    I used to leave feedback ASAP, but had too many scammers, plus, I was just tired of people who never took the time to leave feedback for me in return.
  4. ITA...:yes:
  5. My opinion would be that the buyer leaves feedback first, after they've received the item to say the transaction went well for them, and they were happy with what they purchased, and then the seller could leave feedback, as they would be happy that the item was received ok, and thus the transaction would be ended.

    I guess whatever you feel happy with.

  6. You answered your own question there. Feebdack is FAR more important for the seller to protect than the buyer. There is no way I would ever leave a buyer feedback before it's been left for me as you need to be able to protect yourself.

    After all is said and done are you buying an item or feedback??
  7. ITA - actually there are many buyers who take advantage of that situation bec the seller already left good feedback. what annoys me is if i as a buyer leave f/b and the seller cant be bothered. i mean i took the 30 sec, why not reciprocate. i even email them sometimes to remind them, to no avail....:cursing:
  8. ^^ITA -- I would never leave feedback until the buyer has left feedback.
  9. Yup me too - payment is only part of the transactions, as a lot of us know (unfortunately) that things go do wrong afterwards and its us sellers that lose out as we have already left good feeback.

  10. Agree with secret here. On eBay, unfortunately there are bad sellers and BUYERS. On eBay, there are those buyers who just can't be trusted. If you leave positive feedback JUST because they sent payment in a timely fashion, you are opening yourself up to blackmail. I have had buyers want to return clothing items that don't fit - complete measurements had been given, but the item just didn't work for them. In my auction description, I say that all sales are final unless there is a flaw in the item - and I always give very detailed measurements. I have already left positive feedback, and they are saying they will leave negative feedback unless I let them return the item. So, of course, I let them return the item because I didn't want negative feedback. That is when I changed how I leave feedback.
  11. Thanks to all for you awesome opinions. I'd like to throw in a follow up or two.

    When I purchase, I don't by feedback, clearly, however as I've seen multiple times on many listings, many sellers won't sell to people that have low feedback. I just saw one that says unless the buyer has 50+ purchaser-type feedbacks, their bid will be ignored. After I've left the seller appropriate feedback, it takes forever for some to leave me mine and in many cases, they just don't. Again, I don't buy for feedback but if sellers continue to require higher and higher feedback numbers, that limits the sellers a buyer can shop from.

    Many of you have great opinions however as a buyer, it's getting to be tougher and tougher. Again, I know, there are a LOT of nuts out there on ebay who try to scam however possible and that's a shame, they do ruin it for honest buyers. Also, from some of the tpfs postings lately, it does seem that ebay is creating rules to make it difficult for sellers and I feel for the legit sellers. The scammer sellers are ruining it for the legit sellers.

    There is clearly no one answer and that's not what I was trying for. And depending on what side of the fence you're on, a buyer or seller, the opinions will likely differ. I've been incredibly lucky as a seller, I only had one semi nut. I'm sure I would have a tremendously different opinion if I'd had to suffer some of the garbage some tpfs people have had to put up with.

    Sorry if I ruffled any feathers.
  12. You've certainly not ruffled any feathers but you can see what an emotive subject it is. I'm predominantly a seller and will only ever leave fb once I've got and as a buyer I'm consistently surprised when a seller (often low fb) leaves me fb before I've even got the item.

    Sadly I have been victim to neg blackmail and even recently had some muppet neg me because I erroneously stated a $7 game had the manual, had they simply e-mailed I would have refunded in full and let them keep the game and shown them where to download the manual on the web. I chose to neg them back for their lack of communication and they were surprised that I had!!
  13. I have had a few sellers who didnt leave feedback AFTER I left feedback.

    I just sent them a nice email stating that I would love for them to leave me some positive feedback!

    And they did!
  14. I think sometimes it just slips peoples minds and a gentle nudge is enough to get your fb
  15. I hate to say it, but I agree here - sellers can take too many hits if they post pos. feedback right away. I always leave pos. feedback immediately after I receive it. Plus, it encourages people to use the feedback forum, I think. Particularly for newbies who have a low score and want to build it up. It's a win-win, IMO.