Feedback from Nimbus Owners????

  1. I haven't been able to see this bag IRL until tonight and I think I like it!! It is really pretty and light and its a shoulder bag! I have it on hold and need to make a decision by tomorrow. I'd like some feedback from those of you own or have owned the bag. Pros/cons?? Sometimes I get blinded by the fact that it is LE and don't think much more after that!

  2. Only pros, no cons from my experience..I am still in love with it, I take it everywhere! Nimbus fits my life perfectly, holds a bunch w/o looking bulky & the strap is very comfy on your shoulder, it's a real head turner too. LOVE IT!! I hope you decide to get one :smile:
  3. fab bag...i LOVE mine!!
  4. i tried this bag on tonite. it is one hot bag!! i was really thinking about it, but it felt it looked better with lots of stuff in it, i don't carry more than 4 small items in my bags so it was unpractical for me. super hot though!
  5. It is a great bag: beautiful, carries easily on the shoulder, looks great w/ a lot of stuff in it, looks just as hot when it's deflated (how many things can ya say that about!), and can be carried any season imo. One little thing that could be a con for some is that this bag has a light colored interior, very likely to show marks.... so perhaps not a bag for the very fussy or worry prone
  6. Thanks for the information! Now I just have to figure out how to pay for this bag! :p
  7. I love it and plan to get one in Ecru.:tup:

    I saw one in the boutique today and it was so feminine and pretty.
    I fell in love and modeled in the mirror for atleast 15 minutes (which is a long time if you are hogging a bag in a boutique)


    luvshopping--didja ever get one?
  8. I am still in lust with mine! It's a FABULOUS BAG!
  9. It is its!!
    When this line first came out I really like the Status. But the nimbus is more functional to me now. i loved trying it on today.
  10. I DID get the ecru nimbus!! I haven't had an opportunity to take photos but it is a great bag. I highly recommend it to anyone who is on the fence about it.
  11. congrats!!! it's such a fab bag!!! i was on the fence about it because of the color but i do so love the style. i'm holding out for the fall ones. but enjoy yours!!

  12. YAY!! Can't wait to see pics......hurry...hurry......:tup:

    I can't wait to get mine too!!!
  13. I don't have it but it has totally grown on me. It's my fave of the Olympe line, no plastic and so cute and scrunchy looking!
  14. It's a gorgeous bag, even more so in real life. If they are still available in a few months it will probably be on the list for me (I have a few purchases ahead of it to make!).
  15. Get it! You will not regret it. :p