Feedback from buyers who receive Unpaid Item Strikes & don't respond to UPI?

Mar 7, 2006
I had thought that eBay's new feedback system was set up in such a way that buyers who fail to respond to the Unpaid Item Process and subsequently receives an Unpaid Item Strike simply will NOT be able to leave feedback. Not just that their feedback wouldn't count, but that they wouldn't even have the capability of leaving feedback of any kind.

Well apparently eBay is somehow still allowing them to leave feedback. I found out about it the hard way, after a buyer who never responded to the UPI and received an Unpaid Item Strike left me a negative.....AND dinged *all* my stars (I had a 5.0 avg on some categories and everything went down after that one neg).

Just called eBay PowerSeller support and they looked into the situation and filed the internal paperwork to remove the feedback & associated star ratings. But they said it takes up to 72 hours for internally removed feedback to disappear as it takes up to that long for eBay's system to update(?). They also said it was not supposed to happen and *could* be a system glitch?

Has anyone else had this happen to them? In what universe are buyers who receive Unpaid Item Strikes entitled to leave feedback? Sigh.


Nov 26, 2007
I thought they had changed it too - I know a recent UPI I went through with a buyer and on the ebay summary page the feedback symbol has a strike through it so they can't leave feedback . . . don't worry I am sure they will fix it. I am pretty sure in the ebay policies it says buyers who have UPI can't leave FB so it will be fixed!!!
I hate non paying bidders!!! Such a waste of time
Dec 30, 2007
Yes, the NPB buyer can leave FB and and then you request to have it removed. It will be removed. Pretty nervy of the buyer to leave FB after never paying for the item.

BTW, I think this is a change. I believe that previously you could only request to have FB removed if the NPB buyer did not respond to the NPB. Now it applies if the NPB buyer does not pay. Certainly a change for the better.