Feedback for Soupcon GM

  1. Hi tPF members!
    I am in need of some feedback on the Soupcon GM sunglasses. I bought a non-western fit; I am asian with no nose bridge:sad: At LV, it seem to fit very nicely, but you really don't know how it will feel until wearing it for a bit longer. So here I am at home trying them out. Is it not a good idea if it seems to slip a little on my nose? Also, the "nose" area leaves a little indentation on my skin- nothing major,but the light marks are there. I am also getting worried because the ear area presses more than I am used to, I am not feeing a headache, but am wondering if with longer wear, a headache could happen. Should I take it to an eye glass place for better fitting? I don't think LV can fit these shades for me. Has anyone with Asian fits had similiar experience and kept theirs anyway?

    Thank you so much for your help:smile: I really want to keep these, but want to make sure I will be able to wear them comfortably!