Feedback for let-trade

  1. I purchased a mono pochette from let-trade. I received it and am happy. When they sent the email with the tracking number, they said, "Please notice us when you receive the item and leave us a feedback. Thanks". I would like to do that, but since I did not purchase via eBay, I do not know how to leave feedback.

    Any idea?
  2. It could be a standard letterhead for their e-mail...? I never thought about it because I figured it was the same e-mail they give to people who buy through eBay. I guess you can always sign their guestbook...
  3. Maybe they thought it was a eBay purchase? Either way, if you do leave feedback and you had a pleasant experience - leave feedback! Most of on this site LVOE Let-trade - they are AWESOME!!!

  4. I 've purchased from there a couple of times, but never rec'd the email? If I did, I'd leave raving reviews! :yes:
  5. I'd like to leave a rave review, but don't know how! One cannot leave feedback on ebay unless one has purchased via ebay, as far as I know.
  6. I think it's a standard email they send out to all their customers. I received one too, but I purchased my item from their website, which has no section for leaving feedback (they had a guestbook, but I think they disabled it because people were abusing it).
  7. I have just send a email thank you back to them......
  8. OT, you and I have the same user name!