feedback for item not "as described"? (long)


Jun 11, 2007
Central Jersey, USA
I recently won an LV bag on ebay and from what I can tell (I also had it looked at by it is authentic. However, there were three things about the bag which I wasn't happy with. First, the handles, which were described as "slightly darkened" were actually pretty dark IMHO...and looked like they had chew/bite marks! Second, the lock (no key came with the bag) said "made in france" but the headstamp tag said "made in US." Third, the bag had a really horrid, funky smell.

I emailed the seller politely, listing my concerns and seeing if she'd be willing to issue a refund or exchange. She said yes so I returned the bag (delivery confirmation said it was received by her 11/5) now I'm waiting to see if she'll follow through on the refund.

My question is, what sort of feedback should I leave? Assuming she follows through on the agreed refunded price, should I leave a positive or neutral? My concern is that she omitted lots of details about the bag....what she did disclose was accurate, but is it fair she didn't mention the diff. "made in" countries stamps, the bad smell, the yucky handles? There are some ads that specifically say, "If we don't mention a sleeper/dust bag/key/etc those items are not included in the sale" but her ad didn't have that disclosure. Thanks...


Loves the Lindy!
Mar 8, 2007
I think if she gives you the refund, you should definitely leave positive feedback. It sounds like it's gone really smoothly so far, and that sort of thing can be an absolute nightmare. I think the low star rating for accuracy is also a good idea. You can always leave the comment based on the fact that she gave you a refund, which would indicate to me as a buyer that there was something wrong with the bag as well.