Feedback for fake item, but money refunded?

  1. I'm pretty good at spotting fakes, but I unfortunately won a necklace from a seller with 100% feedback and a good history on eBay for higher end items. When I got the necklace, I could tell it was fake since it didn't have the same markings or feel as my others.

    The seller was quite good about it, claimed she didn't know it was fake, and agreed to a refund. I got my money back today.

    I don't want to leave a neg because the return went quite smoothly. But I am afraid to leave a neutral in case she retaliates and negs me (has happened before). I don't know what to do - shortly after I won, she listed a similar necklace, which I am sure is also fake now that I've seen the one I won up close.

    Any advice/comments would be appreciated! :yes:
  2. I don't know. I understand that you don't want to leave her a negative, but I would probably leave some sort of feedback to reflect that the item was a fake. To me it is one of the small things that we can do to put a stop (at least limit) these fake sellers. Good luck in your decision.
  3. ^^ I agree. I realise I am in danger of being boring on this point, but we do need to face our responsibilities to give honest feedback if we continue to want to use eBay. I think it is possible to do this factually and fairly, but I would definitely do it. I realise though how much easier that is to type than to do . . .
  4. Thanks for the input - I think one of the reasons I'm also hesitating is that I'm not sure if she's a 'fake' seller normally. I looked through some of her old auctions, and her Louboutins are definitely real, but there is a Chanel purse that looks questionable to me. I don't know if she's one of those that has a mix of fake and real?

    I'm leaning towards a neutral or a positive with the fake comments in the text part... aargh. I wish eBay had better controls over feedback to prevent retaliation!
  5. I have been in this situation before. I have left positive feedback, but the only thing I said was "Seller refunded money promptly." Usually people can read between the lines and determine that something happened that was not to your liking.
  6. ITA! :yes: I've been in that situation and that's exactly what I wrote.

    Everytime I check a seller's feedback and read a comment like that, it makes me suspicious, especially if it's for some high end designer item, and I think a lot of eBay buyers feel that way

    I wouldn't risk a neg. feedback for that, especially if everything is resolved, kwim? :sweatdrop:
  7. I was in a similar situation, but I was lucky because the seller left me positive as soon as I paid. It wasn't much money (Coach keychain), so I was just going to neg the seller and not even try for a refund. But I did contact the seller before leaving the feedback, and he was so nice and quick about giving a refund, I had to re-think the negative. I ended up leaving neutral with this statement "I did not believe item was authentic, but seller refunded promptly."