Feedback for buyers?

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  1. So I had a non-paying bidder and opened a dispute and closed it b/c she didn't pay. How come the only feedback I can leave is positive??
  2. Ebay no longer allows sellers to leave negative feedback for buyers. It is completely unfair and one of the many reasons I stopped selling on ebay.
  3. Unreal... so how is the unpaid strike that she had as a result of a dispute reflected in her feedback? Not at all??
  4. ^^I don't think it is reflected in her feedback at all.
  5. There is always the option of leaving no fb at all. That is why it is so important for sellers to give these deadbeats a strike. I have my seller preferences set to not allow bidding if they have strikes.

    You can't leave a pos fb with a negative comment either. If it is reported Ebay will remove it and you will be chastised.
  6. it doesn't show up in feedback
    i don't think it is possible for a seller to see how many unpaid buyer strikes a buyer has
    the only thing you can do it change your settings to block buyers with too many strikes
  7. This sucks... :sad: I don't like this policy at all.
  8. Ebay announced recently they are changing feedback. The article is here.

    There are many honest, customer service oriented sellers on ebay who are very reasonable when dealing with various issues. I do not like seeing these sellers penalized with outrageous negative feedback comments/accusations because the buyer did not take the time to read the terms and conditions and/or refuses to be governed by the same terms as everyone else.
  9. I agree with you, Moon. This must stop!
  10. The worst thing they did was remove the seller's ability to leave negative FB for buyers. I know they want to promote a buyer friendly environment and be "customer is always right" oriented, but it opens the door for feedback abuse which is blatent. As stated, leaving "negative" positives is also against policy, so the seller has no way of warning other sellers of this buyer. We can analyze the fact indefinitely that without sellers offering their items, there would be no buyers but without buyers to purchase seller's items, there would be no commerce but the fact remains, IMO that it's a two way street and it needs to be fair on both sides. I am both a buyer and a seller and want to feel protected on both sides.
  11. Agreed. I see ebay's seller feedback policy as short-term profit gain driven with no foresight into their long-term profit base.

    As has been stated, sellers will take their business elsewhere/stop selling if they are penalized by ebay policy. That means less completed transactions over time. Unless ebay is in fear of some other dot com eventually taking over all their business and are trying to squeeze every penny out in the present, they should be in it for the long-term profit and not just the short-term profit.

    There are plenty of scam/con artists out there who are cutting into their bottom line. Thus, you would think that they would have a vested interest in stopping the fraudulent buyers and keeping their long-term honest sellers/buyers very very happy.

    Until the ebay policy changes which allows horrible buyers to have 100% feedback ratings, honest sellers choose not to list or they have to make sure that they set the terms/inhibits in the listing settings and in the descriptions to protect themselves the best they can from horrible buyers.

  12. You can't leave a positive with negative comment either so just don't leave feedback.

    She will not be able to leave feedback for you if she did not participate in the UPID.

    I just block and move on.
  13. They're not changing much. There's a lot of lip service there (about how much more wonderful the eBay experience will be...the usual BS), but they fail to address the one issue that concerns most sellers: their inability to leave anything but positive feedback. Instead, they're implementing a "reporting hub" for sellers to report their experiences with buyers, but this so-called hub is only visible to eBay, for it's own use, and not visible to eBayers. So the one thing they should change if they truly wanted to enhance the feedback system and level the playing field won't change.
  14. Agree with Poopsie here. No FB instead of positive. If you try to leave negative on the only available option for buyer (positive FB), they can get Ebay to remove it.
  15. I had someone put in an offer for something on eBay. She had 8 positive feedbacks, but they all said that she didn't pay, so I didn't accept her offer.
    I guess having false positive feedback is better than nothing.