Feedback for bluenile

  1. I am thinking of purchasing a necklace with bezel diamond pendant from bluenile website since the price there looks ok for me. Anybody ordered from them too? How is the product? Thanks.:smile:
  2. My DH ordered some earrings from them for my Bday. They look fine to me. I really don't know jewels too well so I can't say too much for the quality of the stone/setting other than it's been 4 years and they still look great. No issues with ordering or shipping that I'm aware of.
  3. Thanks.
  4. My sister in law buys from them a lot and everythign she has received looks great nad she's always been happy...hope that helps.
  5. I have never ordered from them but I knew a girl who ordered her diamond for her engagement ring and it really was GORGEOUS! I was very surpised especially when she told me what a good deal it was!
  6. I've never ordered but they ARE on the e b a t e s list so definitely go through them for some $$$ back! :smile:
  7. i ordered bunch of pearl jewelries and silvers..and they are okay.
    i know my friend's fiancee bought her engagement diamond from bluenile also and its really nice and clear.
  8. I'd go (and I did:smile: ) to before I went to BlueNile. After I did a lot of research, I found BN's quality and prices weren't as good as WF's.

  9. Hi
    My friend just recently ordered some diamond earings from bluenile for his girlfriend. He said he was very pleased with the price and size, and said they were quite sparkley
  10. i've ordered some things from blue nile before for mothers day for my mom/grandma/boyfriend's mom and they've all loved it..mainly it was pearls and some white gold stuff. but i've always checked out their dimaonds b/c it's fun to see how much the settings woudl make the diamond cost. i'd order a diamond from them!