Feedback again....homepage version 2!!!!

  1. So here is the new and improved :unsure: (I hope) frontpage for my website! Thanks for all the feedback on my previous post(which is probably on page 3 somewhere by now), and I would like to get your feedback on this version....which should be the final one!! Please let me know what you think (target market 22-40 (?)). :biggrin:
    New size version 6.jpg
  2. Looks very attractive, makes me want to go inside!
  3. Very cute, I like it!
  4. I love that. I am 50 and would definately go in! I believe my teens would too.

    She just walked in the door and said she would visit your site too.
  5. Thanks so...much! I believe we are on the right track!!!
  6. I like it, too. It has a cute, whimsical look about it.
  7. Looks like fun! Good luck with it!
  8. Very cute! I really like it!
  9. Very attractive.
  10. I do feel people would enter your site. Best of Luck.
  11. I like it !look like something that can attract diff. range of ages.
  12. I just would like to say how fabulous it has been becoming a member of a forum like this. Since moving to Hong Kong, it has been difficult to make friends, and it is so wonderful to be able to chat with ladies from all over the place that share the same interests as me!!! I really appreciate you all taking a look at this, and know that I took any earlier comments to heart (or to the drawing board) as you can see if you take a look at the first thread that I posted with my prior homepage designs!!:biggrin:
  13. I like how you kept the girl in the bathtub but made it smaller, as the large size of it before focused your attention solely on it and it didn't say a whole lot of what your site is about.

    Now with the accesories taking center stage, I feel you have gotten the message of your site across. I really like it!
  14. Yes! This one is definitely a keeper! It looks modern and accessible to all age groups. I would visit w/o feeling like it was out of my age bracket. Good luck!!!:amuse:
  15. I like that one much better versus the first ones. The first ones were really nice but seemed very teeny bopper, I'm not sure what gave me that impression.