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  1. I am really feeling it today.

    If you own a chevre bag please post a picture for a poor woman lusting for a gorgeous bag. I don't care if you don't own the bag, but have pictures...POST THEM!!! (just make sure they are watermarked after the last fiasco) I want to DROOL tonight...
  2. Me tooooooo!
  3. here it is the fabulous chvre

  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:

    Okay, now *I've* wet my undies!

    And no, they aren't thongs (who wants to pay for a wedgie) and NO, they aren't Depends!
  5. Lilach, I am seriously cracking up here! When it comes to sideline comedy, YOU take the cake!
  6. Oh lordy, Lilach is a stinker.:roflmfao: And THAT would be my cue...
    Okay, I need to remove my Hermes-addicted self from the computer.
    Be good ladies...:angel:
  7. That is way tooo funny!!:lol:
  8. I REALLY should stay off the computer when I'm at work, this is cracking me up so badly.:roflmfao:
  9. Kellybag, you're not drooling over this tonight, are you?
  10. Lilach!!!! LOL.
    Can Lilach have a differnt color name like our new mods. but a Differnt color..and says "the funny queen" or something like that! hehe
  11. We are in for a wild night tonight Lilach...I can feel it!
  12. [​IMG]
    this one or

    now it is your turn to decide
  13. OM GOD, Lilach! That's it....that's it. I've just wet myself too.....

    this ones just toooo funny.....!!!!!
  14. liliach: LOL w/ the smiling chevre! ROFL!

    that violet birkin is my dreammmmmm bag. (but is it a difficult color to work with?)
  15. :lol: :roflmfao:
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