Fee to clean jewelry?

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  1. I was wondering if jewelry stores charge a fee to get something cleaned? I would assume that they do, but don't know what to expect.

  2. If you bought the jewelry there, they shouldn't charge you. I always take my jewelry to my jewelers and they clean it for me.
  3. mall stores like kays usually clean mine for free while i'm in there browsing even though i didn't buy it there. they just want you to stay in there longer so you'll buy something.

    and the jewler you bought it from should clean it for free as well.
  4. it just depends. example, tiffanys will clean your platinum for free, but they charge for the silver stuff (I take my sterling in with the platinum and sometimes they'll do it all for free).

    The local jeweler where my e ring is from always cleans it for free

    Be careful at kays, etc in the mall giving them your ring to take away and clean, there have been scams where they take the diamond and replace it with a cz replacement.
  5. And I would also be careful with what Kays, etc uses to clean your jewelry with.
  6. Oh please. There isn't anything that is going to be wrong with what Kay's Jewelers uses to clean your jewelry. Most mall jewelry stores clean with ultrasonic machine with a mix of water and ammonia.

    Why not do it yourself? Use boiling water (or actually boil it in a pan) with a drop or two of dishwashing liquid. Let it "cook" for 30 mins and then rinse off with very hot water and blow dry up close with blowdryer. Only do this with diamonds and gold or silver.
  7. Now if you are concerned about your diamond being swapped out, you should ask for a loupe and look at your diamond to identify it's marks that can be seen. Tell them you have a professional appraisal identifying such marks/inclusions. Show to manager/SA so they see them. Then when it is returned to you clean, look again for your satisfaction. This tells them you know your diamond and are making sure you get your diamond back.

    If you want to take additional measures, have your stone (unmounted) sent to GIA to have is laser inscribed on the girdle (edge). We actually went to GIA in Carlsbad, California and had them inscribe our intials on it with a :heart: between. Very romantic! I think it was $10 per letter/symbol. Then we also ordered a certificate and it tied it all together for us.

    Now when you go to a strange store for cleaning, you show the laser inscription to the manager/SA with a loupe and no one will try to rip you off. (It cannot be seen with the naked eye, and it does not affect the sparkle of your ring.)
  8. I would never get my jewelry cleaned at Kays.