Feds: T.I. Tried to Buy Machine Guns, Silencers

  1. [​IMG]The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) arrested rapper T.I. in Atlanta today on multiple weapons charges after they say he had a bodyguard try to buy machine guns and silencers for him.

    According to the Feds, T.I,, whose real name is Clifford Harris, was busted after they learned one of his bodyguards was allegedly trying to purchase machine guns for the musician. Authorities say the bodyguard admitted to purchasing about nine firearms for T.I. in the past and about 17 firearms for other people in the musician's posse on previous occasions. The bodyguard claims the rapper gave him cash to purchase the guns, because T.I., as a convicted felon, was not able to legally buy firearms. The bodyguard was arrested last week trying to buy several guns. After his arrest, the bodyguard agreed to cooperate with authorities-- that cooperation led to today's arrest.

    Click here to read the complete statement from the Department of Justice.
  2. That really sucks. I was just watching him on tv the other day talking about rappers having a positive image.

    I still like his music.....but WTF was he thinking?:s

    If he wanted the guns so bad shouldnt he have had someone else to send the bodyguard and not himself? Just dumb.

    I mean he shouldnt be buying machine guns in the first place......BUT if he was going to do it then he should have enough sense to cover his a**.

    Even I know that and I'm just a regular joe blow.
  3. Ok I just thought of something...

    WHY the hell does he need machine guns? :sweatdrop::s I don't get it.....
  4. That was my first thought. They'd probably say something like "oh we just collect them like you collect bags" since "protection" really isn't believable.
  5. Precisely what I was wondering! :confused1:
  6. What a shame. For a black rapper, he seemed like a nice, mellow guy. Definitely makes you wonder why he would be buying machine guns, silencers even.
  7. loser! :tdown:
  8. Whatever... I really don't care.
    He's got fame, money, fans, houses, women everything she might want, so if that's not enough and he wants guns, than he's a total looser. Hopefully he'll get what he deserves.
  9. I hope they throw the book at this guy.
  10. This is horrible (if true), and I hope he gets punished to the fullest extent of the law...but gosh is he good-looking!
  11. This was really stupid of him.
  12. The funniest thing is his name is Clifford!
  13. That's a shame, I really like TI too. Yeah what does he need machine guns with silencers for. That's crazy
  14. :sad:This sounded like an odd statement to me...
  15. ^^ to me too.

    Anyway, I'm from Atlanta where he's from and lives and there has been al ot of speculation, but it's not looking good for him. He made an incredibly dumb move.