Fedora Hats...

  1. What do you guys think of fedora hats with "normal" everday clothing?Just like a shirt and jeans?

    Like these
  2. I think they are cute, i wouldn't personally wear one, but i think they can defo be pulled off with jeans and a tee
  3. I prefer the felt ones to the straw ones
  4. I really like them - not sure if I could pull it off though!
  5. I think they're wonderful for keeping the sun off of one's face (which is my constant goal in life). They're stylish and useful. But I would never wear one inside.
  6. I love the straw ones. Sometimes it can make a outfit look "cool".
  7. I love hats in general. I especially like the fedora Mischa is wearing. They're very chic looking.
  8. I really like hats in general but never seem to wear them. The fedora really give something extra to a simple outfit like a tee and jeans.
  9. i love fedoras, it makes a great key item for an outfit.
  10. I think it's a cute look. I really like the 1st one.
  11. Love love LOVE fedoras.

    Tracy Watts makes some fabulous fedoras. And she can custom make them too :heart:


    Lindsay has this one:
  12. I think it depends on your style. I'd love to be able to wear one, but hats just look funny on me!
  13. I've got 2. I bought them when they were in style in London a couple of years back and keep waiting for them to come back into style in the states! I mainly wear mine to the club, but, I enjoy wearing them out and about every so often too :smile: They just look so different and classier than a regualr hat IMHO :smile:
  14. I don't like the straw ones. I really like ones similar to what Ashlee is wearing ... with the right outfit they're really cute!
  15. I don't really like the ones posted at the top (the ones D & G Rockstar posted are a lot more appealing to me) but they can look really cool if they're paired with the right clothes, imo