FedEx's New Bachelor Pad !

Jan 23, 2006

Kevin Federline has followed his estranged wife's lead by renting this posh estate in Tarzana, California.

K-Fed was spotted moving into the $2.5 million abode last week with his ever-present entourage.

The 6300 square foot, 5-bedroom property with pool rents out for a mere $7000 per month.

I give it two weeks before one of these rooms is converted into a marijuana grow-op
Feb 2, 2006
7K per month?? Where is he getting this money? It's sure as heck not from his "album" sales. Maybe all that WWF stuff he's been doing? But somehow I doubt they're paying him at that level. I wish he would just go away. Just seeing his weaselly face makes me want to go take a shower.