Oh, my God! Fedex guys who come to my house to pick up pakages do NOT know how to let me buy insurance...All of them told me to just declare value! Then only upto $500 would be covered. Declare value is different from buying insruacne...ALL of Fedex guys come to my house do not know what to do to buy insurance!!!:cursing: SO, I drive to UPS store to buy insurance to ship my items...

Please help me how to buy insurance with Fedex when Fedex guy comes to pick up a package!
No Fedex is not that safe. Last year I ordered a large item that had the picture on the box & guess what it disappeared in a city about 2 hours from me enroute. Well again this year I ordered a item & it was sent Fedex & guess what? It again disappeared in the same city. This was also a 50lb large item with the picture on the outside of the box.
My friends boyfriend used to work for Fedex & he said they just take what they want & if a box is torn a little they always open it to see what is inside & if it's good they just take it.:cursing: :cursing: :cursing:

The best way to ship is EMS with full insurance & signature conformation. Most of the time the UPS/FEDEX just leave it on your porch.