FedEx woke me up to my Mughetto baby!!

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  1. Convince me, my friend, MORE photos, lol!
  2. hee hee!! shy!

    anyway i'm sad looking at the cracks.. i always wonder if the bag doesnt come with the cracks in the first place, there wouldnt be any cracks at all if i use it with TLC.. :_(
  3. don't worry, my mughetto is starting to have cracks too..its like a signature mark of the old bows
  4. Hi Dollymixer, this bag has a brilliant color!! A bit grey-pinkish? Very versatile color & size. It's a beautiful bag, congratulations!!:tup:
  5. and so.. i've been using it for a few days now.. and i realized the leather in the front will fold when it slouch.. and cause new lines.. hmmx.. anyone experience that??
  6. You mean when you wear it messenger style?
    Becaues if that's what you mean, MY ALLUMINIO DOES THE SAME THING :tup:
  7. I know I am late to this thread - but your mughetto is stunning! :drool: And it look adorable on you!
  8. till now i still dont dare to wear out in messenger style!! for fear of further sealant cracks!! hahahha..

    what i meant is when i carry it hand held.. as the leather slouches.. it leaves some sort of lines eventually over time..

    but one thing i like about this leather.. i actually find it much easier to maintain than the new distressed leather!!! imo..!! :yes: the new leather seems to be more cracky.. if there's such a word.. hee

    Thanks Lanier!! I SUPER LOVE your season one black bow!!!!!! it's stunning!! and CONGRATS in managing to get an old black bow!! i saw IRL before and it is fabulous!
  9. sob!:crybaby: i realize one of my handle is in a darker shade than the other handle!!!!!! did any of you gals experience that with the lighter coloured bow? are the handles of the same shade??
  10. #55 Aug 24, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 24, 2008
    Dollymixer can you tell Fedex to wake me up too? I won't mind running out in my undies (maybe neighbors and Fedex guy would:Push:smile: if I get a mughetto bow in exchange! I wouldn't mind a zaffiro spring satchel either. Love both your Miu Mius!

    P.S. I think some ladies mentioned one side of their bag being a different shade from the other? How big is the difference? It looks beautiful either way.

  11. I'd luv to get a Mughetto AND Zaffiro satchel too!!! :graucho:
  12. You're sooo lucky@!! She is gorgeous!
  13. #58 Aug 25, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2008
    :nuts:i'm surprised you gals love my Zaffiro! it was kind of an impulsed buy and i was regretting it in the first 2 weeks.. was given the chance to change and i was choosing between nero, zaffiro and amarena.. but in the end still chose zaffiro over the other 2! grow to love it more and more for its versatility..esp with jeans! but i see the distressed leather starting acting up now, becoming rougher.. :crybaby:on days i still regret not choosing black!! but now i feel so much better after seeing you gals loving it! :P

    and pic of my 'mismatch' handle.. :Push: it's not as bad.. but i wonder in another month how will it looks like.. :sweatdrop:

    and 2 new cracks appear!! i called them 'non' and 'sense'.. roar! hee
  14. been really caught up in work!!! breathe*

    and know what gals.. someday, somehow, just suddenly.. SNAP! i'm in love with coffer in black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i think i'm going crazy!! i'm restraining myself not to buy anymore miu miu!!! i shd look for other brands.. but.........................................

  15. Enjoy her ...congrats!