FedEx woke me up to my Mughetto baby!!

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  1. stopping by to drool again!!! LOL

    I can't wait to get MINE!!! ;)


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  3. This bag looks great on you. Congrats !!
  4. Congrats!!..lovely bag!!!..
  5. which one you getting?!?! can't wait to see yours too!! let us know when it arrives!!

    galleria!! thanks for your pic!! the graphite colour is great and looks great on you!!! at least you no need worry about staining! hee..:woohoo:
    Thank you babes!! :smile::smile:
  6. #36 Aug 18, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2008
    pics of my gorgeous baby on her first day to my work place!!!

    on her way to work in the cabbie!

    slouching sexily on my work desk.. lol (and this is the closest to the actual colour of her!!)

    on her way back home from work!
  7. DM, she looks great :tup:

    And did you take those modeling pictures inside an elevator? If so, those are some pretty elevators!!!

    Love the bag :shame: So happy you found one your happy with!
  8. Ahhh, such great pictures!! You look so pretty with your bow! I'm surprised at how neutral the color is in these photos.
  9. Anna: hahaha.. ya!! pics sneakily taken at the lift! :sneaky: :graucho:

    Vinyl: :blush:Thanks! Agreed that the colour is neutral! i surprised too!! i actually fell in love with mughetto from pictures in tPF! i never saw it in real life before i purchase, and expected it to be more pink!! but woah!! it is indeed neutral and i love it to bits!! :love::girlsigh:
  11. OMG - love your modelling pics! I am sitting here typing, and I look over my shoulder all the time to drool over my own bow... Such happiness a bow can bring you :supacool::rolleyes:
  12. :tup::heart:
  13. hey gurl.. ur soo fab!! :nuts:
    u dressed classy & elegant!
    ..and u can really tke a photo on d lift! i cant do it!! :Push:
    im surprised that mughetto can really go neutral! are u gonna bring her everyday for work?
  14. i have to discreetly took the pic before the security guard found me!! hahahhaa.. :roflmfao:

    blush* thanks for your compliment..i'm actually over-dressed to work..! suddenly feel like dressing up more now that i have my baby mughetto! :P

    i've been using it for 4 consecutive days!! since weekend.. and i'm loving it so much!! but im afraid to use it as an everyday bag for fear of more cracks!!!!
    but it just goes soooooooo well with all my outfits.. i can't bear to leave it alone at home!! :sad::Push::sweatdrop: i want it to be within my sight 24/7!!!
  15. :tup: You look gorgeous with the mughetto bow!!!!