FedEx woke me up to my Mughetto baby!!

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  1. Hi dollymixer,

    Finally, your mughetto bow is perfect & she is a beautiful baby.. From the pics, your clear varnish does help in closing up the sealants cracks and it looks ok..

    If the next year's colours are nice, I might consider targetting the bow as my next yr target..heehee :graucho::graucho:
  2. Just curious , even new one has cracks ?
    Dolly , how much did u pay for it ?
  3. Thanks sweeties..!! I got my Mughetto bow from Miu Miu boutique Beverly Hill!! i found out that they actually ship internationally.. and i can't resist it and bought her in the end!!! :graucho:

    brought her out over the weekend and totally love it!!! the colour is soooooooo easy to match! and it's such a unique pink..!! :tispy:
  4. Thank you DollyGirl!! we can be twin!! hahaha.. im DM and you're DG! i love your new FUMO too!!! CONGRATS too! the new fumo is my fave colour from the A/W 2008!! too bad it wasn't out when i bought my zaffiro gathered bag!!!

    Thanks perguella and Christine!! i do agree mughetto is a beauty!!! the colour is really stunning!!! it added this soft and girly touch to the gorgeous bow bag!! and pink is one of my fave colour! :love:
    i do feel lucky!! hee..!! :P and think there are still some more mughetto bow out there!!! grab them gals!! :graucho:
  5. hey anna! Thank you!! i have to look pass the sealant cracks and make sure i handle my second lovely miu miu with TLC!!!

    over the weekend and people 'brush' passed my baby, or when i was just carrying it in and out of doors.. i was like 'omg baby..!' so many times, and i bet my bf actually thought i was calling out to him.. a confusing weekend.. hahaha :P
  6. Yes Vinyl!! after the little 'drama', i still got sealant cracks, and this time i havent even modelled with the bags. i saw the cracks when i just opened up the box!! :hysteric:but i looked passed it and examined the whole bag for an hour.. and decided to love this baby as it is.. :shame: and this baby got a stronger leather smell! which i believe is a new piece! finally!

    i want to take more pics too!! soon! hee hee!!!

    we r now in the happy bow family!!!:woohoo:
    Thanks Grace123.. miu mius are just so beautiful in its own unique way:yes:!!!
    Hey Sparklybags.. Thank you!!! about the clear vanish idea.. use it at your own risk! after all it's a small experiment i wish to share : ) :okay:
  7. Hi galleria! nah.. i wouldnt say this bow is perfect, it still has cracks! and this time these cracks are there even before i took it out from its dustbag!!! but i have to make do with it..cause i cant wait to use this baby!! :P it's like calling out to me!!! heehee~

    where is your modelling pics of your nappa!??! hee.. we shd meet up with our miu mius!
    Hi crystal.. ya.. as said above, the new one has cracks too.. sigh.. i guess some appear just from stuffing the paper into the bag that make the shape.. well.. my guess.. :shrugs:
    i paid 1195 usd and shipping of 50usd.. luckili with conversion it's still cheaper than the one selling at my country's boutique!!
  8. Congrats on your beautiful bow, dollymixer! you finally got the colour of your dreams =) i saw someone with a mughetto bow in town today and it looks gorgeous!
  9. wow!! finally!!! not bad at least they replaced ur bow quite fast eh!!
    im happy for u gurl.. Enjoy it with TLC!! :heart::tup:
  10. happy for u!! enjoy it to the max :love:
  11. ya.. i'm surprised the exchange is so efficient!!!

    this bag is so addictive!! I can't stop stealing glances at my baby while walking, watching tv, surfing net blah blah blah.. hahhaha.. the bag slouch in such a way.. its so sexy..!! hahahhaha..

    THANK YOU BABES!! we r all one big miu miu family!!
  12. AMEN to that :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  13. do you know what other colors they have at the miu miu BH boutique? do you have their number by chance? yours is GORGEOUS :drool:
  15. beautiful bow!!